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There’s no secret I used (and talked about) Twitter a lot lately. I already wrote several posts about it this month, from Twiterring Heights, up to Taxonomic Twitter. I use Twitter for much more than answering to the question “what are you doing?”. I use this social service mostly to connect with other interesting people and it seems Twitter is a fantastic resource for that.

This week I decided that I should have a “twitter landing page”. A “twitter landing page” is usually a web page linked to your twitter account. If other Twitter users are curious about you, or intend to follow, you can now present them a customized version of yourself.

One should argue that a link to your blog is enough. Well, maybe. I guess it all depends on how and why are you using Twitter. If you’re interested in offering to your potential followers first hand information about yourself, than a special crafted landing page is a must. If you’re only scratching the surface on Twitter, your blog should be enough for now.

So, here it is, my brand new twitter landing page. This is what a person who clicks on my Twitter profile link will see.

I wanted to keep it simple and offer as much information as I can, while still trying to keep it under 500 words. I know I succeeded on the words number part, because it has 457 words, I checked. If I gave enough information about me, well, that’s something I should find out soon.

There are still some questions left for me and I would love to hear from you:

  1. One rule about twitter landing pages states that they shouldn’t have any outbound links. Mine has, and I think it’s ok, what’s your opinion on that?
  2. Do you think you should have a photo of yourself in the twitter landing page? I do, and I also think it’s ok, what do you think?

If you want to know more abut twitter landing pages, this article from problogger (from which I was inspired, by the way) gives you several answers. And you can get some really interesting live previews about what’s on Twitter related to this subject by doing this twitter search.

4 thoughts on “Twitter Landing Page”

  1. Not bad idea for having a landing page on twitter. I have myself noticed ppl clicking on links at the twitter profile page, so worth some effort to put thought into a viable,proper landing page, minus any distractions like @ibz mentioned.

  2. Thanks, really useful. I must work on some of those problems ASAP, for others I might need a little bit of analyze first.

    I really appreciate your opinions and the time spent on my blog. I really do. 🙂

  3. Interesting concept. I never heard about it before.

    Your landing page seems OK with a few exceptions:
    1) The big ads. I understand that you are making money out of those, but having them on the landing page sends the wrong message.
    2) The “recent comments” and “categories” column. If this is a landing page, it should – in theory – have nothing to do with your blog (yes, you use the same platform, but that’s another story). It’s simply confusing to see something like “hey, this is my landing page” and “here are the most recent comments from this blog” next to each other.
    3) The “last tweets” column. That’s completely useless, since a) the page was reached from twitter and b) most likely the exit will be towards twitter as well.
    4) The page is very unbalanced – having the two big columns on one side and just a small space on the other side. But that’s a general problem with your blog. 🙂
    Don’t think I have more after the first look …


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