As of January 2022, all content in this blog is uncopyrighted.

Meaning I’m putting it in the public domain and release my copyright on all the posts and pages here. If you want to use any of the articles here, you don’t have to ask for my permission. You can take whatever you want from here, put your name on it and use it. You’re free to do this.

This decision is based on a few changes in my understanding of what we call “identity”. After giving it a lot of thought, I observed that “identity” is a transitory event. Associating anything (articles I wrote, for instance) with a transitory event will automatically make that anything transitory too. And enforcing property on something transitory is simply not going to work. It’s like catching water with a sieve.

Furthermore, while these articles are part of my personal experience, and based on my personal views, we’re all the same. We’re all born and we’re all going to die. We all want to be happy. At a certain level, there is no difference between you and me, and you may have had the same – or similar – experiences and views.

If any of these experiences and views are useful to other people, then they should generate as little friction as possible when traveling around.