Wasted Power

The worst thing that can happen to you is to realize that you have unlimited power. That you can do anything. That you can create everything you want. That there is nothing outside you and everything is inside, waiting to blossom. The worst thing is to realize that you’re here to create your own life. Why?

Because you’ll face some terrible questions.

Life Purpose

First question: what should I do with my life?

It’s so much easier to live without a purpose, thinking that you have limited powers, that your destiny was engraved in stone and you can’t do anything to change it. Asking questions like “what should I do with my life, now that I DO have the power to change it?” it’s a difficult process. Not everyone is ready to ask that question, and even less are ready to give an honest answer. It’s so much easier to put your entire life on somebody else’s plate.

Put it on your parents, they didn’t love you when you were a kid. Put it on the system, it’s making you a 9 to 5 slave. Put it on your spouse, for being lazy or angry or unconsidered. Put on your kids are they are here to steal your precious time, a time that you would otherwise spend on meaningless tv shows or useless gossip.

It’s easier to put the guilt on somebody else, it will free your consciousness and ease your pain. Why live a life with a purpose when there are so many difficulties? Why do something if somebody (your parents, spouse, kids, boss, this out-of-nowhere man) will prevent you for doing it? Why searching for a higher purpose when you can think you’re just a limited individual with limited power and limited beliefs?

Living a life without purpose, without accessing your enormous power is always a safer bet. Admit it: this concept of unlimited power doesn’t fit with your current lifestyle. So, it must not exist at all.

Playing Hide And Seek

Second question: who am I?

The most popular game in the world is “hide and seek”. We hide from ourselves and then spend the rest of our life trying to find us again. It’s the most popular game because we became extremely skillful masters of our own delusion. We derail in the most complicated stories with the most intricate plots we can imagine, only to escape from ourselves.

And we do that because we unconsciously don’t know what to do with that inner power. We are puzzled, confused, we simply cannot accept that we can create everything, so we finally started to run away from it. We started to hide behind our own delusions.

This is how we invented divinity. By the way, that’s one of the most complicated stories we invented so far. We separated a special space in our life, called “sacred” and put there a highly resourceful concept, called “divinity”. This and only this “divinity” can create stuff. This divinity created us, and this is the source of everything “that is”.

We found a way to solve our puzzle, we created something bigger than us. And we allegedly use this divinity in order to regain our lives, to redeem, to reunite. We pray, we perform rituals, and we seek redemption. That’s one nicely done hide and seek session, don’t you think?

But the truth is divinity lies within us, not outside. What we call divinity it’s just one attribute of that unlimited power we already have within. We created our world, our reality, our life. This is our true nature. Unfortunately, we can’t always accept our true nature. So we play this hide and seek game in which we eliminate the genuine power from within and transform it into outside concepts, systems and rituals.

The Fear Factor

Third question: what if I do something wrong?

Fear is the anticipation of a possible bad outcome from your current situation. You only live here and now, but fear projects a possible bad end to your current status. And what’s happening when you shift your focus from here and now to a potential bad end? Yes, correct: you create that bad end.

By succumbing to fear we are making one of the supidest moves we can make: we’re using our power in order to destroy ourselves. Fear is never in the present time, it’s a potential that we bring to life. We use our power to create this potential. We create the bad end by keeping our focus on a fearful state.

I found that fear is really one of the most important obstacles in reaching our inner purity and power. It took me a while to understand the mechanics of it, but when I finally found it, I completely understood that fear is just another creativity session we perform. Hope and fear share the same structure: they are just potentials which are transformed into reality by our focus, our inner power.

The only difference is that fear projects a potential of destruction. Follow your fears and your unlimited power will be used against you.

The Game Of Responsibility

Fourth question: do I have to accept anything?

This power that you have, this unlimited capacity of creation let you do anything. But after doing something, you must cope with it. You must accept it, acknowledge you made it and integrate it into your life. This process is called responsibility. And when you don’t accept what you created, when you don’t integrate it into your life, you actually reject your true nature.

That’s another reason for not embracing totally your power: the lack of responsibility. Why use your power if you know you can create something you won’t accept? Why totally embrace your creative energy, if you won’t accept the outcome? Yes, you can make failures, and failures are part of the learning process. Just because you missed some spots in your life you don’t have to completely ditch everything.

Accepting our failures and mistakes is one of the hardest chapters of our life. We strive so much on this path that we forgot the real goal: to live. To enjoy. To create.

Yes, we are able to create everything, including our mistakes. And yes, we have the power to make them part of our life and move on, lesson learned.

Wasted Power

If you don’t accept the fact that you have unlimited power, that power will not vanish away. It will still be there, but it just won’t be used by you. The bad news is that somebody else is going to use it. If you don’t use something you already have, you are inviting somebody else to take it. You received this gift with a purpose, your received it so you can enjoy it. And if you don’t enjoy it, somebody else will take it away from you.

I’m sure this is very difficult to digest. I know, because it was difficult to digest for me too. Sometimes it still is. But that doesn’t make it less real. Only because we have a hard time to believe it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

It’s hard to admit that you gave away your power and put yourself into a victimizing position. It’s hard to admit that you don’t have anything you want in your life because you simply deny it. When unhappy, it’s difficult to acknowledge self-inflicted misery.

But that’s happening because you don’t use your power and somebody else is taking it from you. Because you think you are a limited person. Because your whole beliefs system permits that to happen. If you don’t assess and use your infinite power, you’re actually inviting abusers and power addicted persons to steal this unused power from you. You’re not a victim because they are abusers, you are victim because you empowered them.

It would be so easy to shift this situation to a fulfilling one, to a sea of potentials that you will bring into matter by only using your unlimited inner power.

Don’t waste it.

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  5. @Ian welcome in my virtual world and thank you for your nice words. The value of my writing (if any) lies in the real life reactions that I can trigger. In simpler words, whenever you feel inspired here, I’m happy 🙂

    I hope the preparations foe your March workshop in the Romanian mountains are going well. 🙂

  6. Hey Dragos

    It’s so great reading this after having met you face to face. This article captures so much of what I’d call ‘existential questions’. I’m reminded of the phrase in Spiderman “with great power comes great responsibility”. I grew up on Spiderman and am only now at the ripe age of 45 coming to terms with the fact I’ve got just about as much power as anyone else. And that means facing these great questions and the frustration of all those years of wasted power. But that’s all in the past, and the way I’d like to live is to put all these questions in front of me and dive into them.

    Really great article!

    Ian Peatey’s last blog post..The point of self development

  7. @Liara Covert That’s certainly a valid point, although I slightly feel the comment belongs to the next post. I agree with your last sentence: “You simply chose to view you as you feel”…

  8. Dragos Roa, duality reminds one that reconnecting with soul requires balance. It is possible to step back and resist adopting labels to describe yourself. Rather than decide you are one thing or another, you evolve to sense you are always parts of both. This is why when you feel a given emotion, you also experience its opposite even if this is unconscious and unacknowledged. You gain from every experience. Alternatively, you can decide labels do not exist. You can cease to call yourself average or exceptional. You simply choose to view you as you feel.

    Liara Covert’s last blog post..How do you know what it means?

  9. @basia thank you for the comment, your interventions always add more value to what I write. I’m especially fond of “success and failure belong to the same category” 🙂

  10. Hi Dragos,
    While reading this post I again realise how important it is
    to remain reasonable and decent in what you are saying.
    My very close friend once told me she could remember all the things I had said, and added: ” I probably remember more than you do” . Te words uttered start their own life. Soothing, criticising, no matter what kind they are – they have unbelievable power.
    But there is more to it : accepting our limitless power, we are capable of doing and achieving anything. And it would be ideal if we acknowledged the fact that success and failure belong to the same category – they create the fabric of our genuine life.

  11. @Giovanna Garcia Great point! And thanks for commenting here, you’re so right: finding your personal mission it’s like an instant igniter for your unlimited power 😉

  12. Hi Dragos

    When we learn our purpose for our life, it is like finding the love of your life. You will never let go, you will not forget about it, you will see clearly where you stand, it it a fire that burn inside you, you will fight for it. That is how I feel about my life’s purpose.
    Thank you,
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  13. @Jay a cubicle is a very unfriendly place to realize that you have unlimited power, it always reminds me of that scene in Matrix where Neo receives a phone from Morpheus while he’s been searched by the Agents. Glad I made you think about it 🙂

    @Jonathan Yes, you summarized into several sentences what I wanted to uncover in this post. Most of our power is wasted because we simply don’t believe we have it.

    @BunnygotBlog great examples and very nice words from you. The fear factor is something that is really fascinating me lately, I’ve started a series on it.

    @Io_da so much wasted power in your words here 🙂 And you know why? Because you should write this in your own blog! You write well and have everything you need to become a successful blogger. With the comments you left on my blog you could have ignite your blog by now. What are you waiting for? 😉

  14. Great post, this is more of a continuation of the idea for everybody reading here,,,

    A great teacher told me once:

    “You tell lies. You tell them every day”.

    We all do.

    And we get away with some of them.

    But there is ONE kind of lie that is killing you. It is crippling your life and chances to be successful.

    Know what kind I mean?

    The lies you tell yourself about yourself.

    Stay with me here, because if you don’t know this, you are draining joy and energy from your life every single day.

    Our human brains organize knowledge into stories.

    Some stories we tell ourselves stories are helpful and inspiring…

    “I am strong, successful, inspired,,,,,”

    “I create abundance and I give the world the best of myself.”

    “I’m not attached to outcomes so I can’t lose, because there is nothing to lose.”

    Or, we tell ourselves stories that are toxic and hazardous…

    “I’m not good enough…

    “I’m a loser.”

    “Luck, is not in my cards”

    And guess what?

    Whatever story you tell yourself, usually ends up COMING TRUE.

    As that long-haired dude in Jerusalem said 2000 years ago, more or less, “the word becomes flesh”.

    In other words, what you think, manifests as your reality.

    Don’t know if it’s mystical or if it’s just a self fulfilling prophecy, but this is TRUE:

    Whatever stories you tell yourself, the UNIVERS around you will turn them into your life.

    If you tell yourself negative stories, the UNIVERS will help you get negative results.

    If you tell yourself positive stories, the UNIVERS will be your angels of manifestation.

    So one of the ways to manifest your own destiny is to change the stories you tell yourself.

    Now, sadly, sometimes easier said than done.

    Because the stories we tell ourselves are told SUBCONSIOUSLY and we don’t even know we’re sabotaging ourselves.

    So the first step is to become AWARE of the stories you tell yourself.

    And not just aware, but BRUTALLY AWARE. RUTHLESSLY HONEST.

    If you are to grow into the leader you can become.

    So first step: GET AWARE. Wake up. Stop telling lies (stories) to yourself and believing they are the Truth.

    Intentionally, the second step is not revealed here, just do the first one and see what happens!

    You know what they say: The worst thing that can happen is “ Nothing will happen”!

  15. Hi Dragos,

    I am not sure where to begin here. You have thoroughly covered so much in one post.
    The fear factor I will start with:
    We all have a period of adjustment and part of that is the fear of change. Some dwell for days or even weeks then others look to find the positive effect this event has on them. Turn obstacles into opportunities is the way I look at it.
    this is something a person learns to do or is accepting to be a victim. Low self esteem is usually why it happens in both cases. People can change but it doesn’t happen over night. It is like an obese person weighting 250 lbs. and going on a crash diet. They gain the back the weight and more because they didn’t retrain their eating habits. Another example is a women being abused by an alcoholic husband. These women usually follow the same pattern if they haven’t worked on the issues needed to reform their life.

    Totally agree with you on failure. Without it one can not succeed.
    Great article

  16. What an excellent article Dragos,

    The realization of our own potential always leads to a crossroad. All of a sudden there are new decisions to be made because our perception of what is possible has completely changed. Many will choose the false sense of security that comes from things that are familiar. Those with the courage to embrace their expanded awareness will never look back.

  17. This is my favorite post of your Dragos- only because it really hits a nerve in me. A couple years ago in the cubicle I realized I had unlimited power, and instead of it being a good thing, it caused a stir of chaos in my life, that is still being sifted through now. unlimited power is scary sometimes- what do I do with it now that I have it? Bookmarked this page for a 2nd review. Thanks Dragos!


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