What If Life Is Just A Giant Scuba Diving Session?

Never did scuba diving, but I saw a lot of people doing it. I’m also a very big fan of underwater filming and, generally speaking, of whatever happens under the waters. Don’t know why, I’ve always been like this.

Today, without any warning, while looking at a documentary about sea creatures around New Zealand shore, something came into my mind: what if our life would merely be like a scuba diving session? What if our entire existence would be something that we just do for a very limited amount of time, compared with our real life? Like “wearing” our bodies the same way a scuba diver wear his suit? And, at the end of the dive, we just go out again, and breathe.

Yeah, I do have these type of thoughts sometimes. I knew they’re kinda weird (compared with 99.99% of what other people think) but I made peace with being a weirdo long time ago.

Even more, when I have these thoughts I go deeper and try to image the entire context. For instance, if life really would be just a small scuba dive, with an uncomfortable suit (our body) and with a very limited amount of time (I can only hold my “real” breath just for 80-90 human years), what would be the most important 7 things we should change, compared with what we do right now.

Without further ado, let’s go:

1. Enjoy More

When I’ll go scuba diving, I know I’ll enjoy a lot of the sea images. The colors, the strange floating moves, the diversity of the animals. I’ll touch, I’ll caress, I’ll try to make contact, to interact. That’s the thing I would do if my life would be just a scuba dive. I’m just a guest here and I should enjoy things more.

2. Respect Other Divers More

If I know those guys are just like me, holding their breath, trying to explore an unknown territory, I wouldn’t even consider getting into a fight with them. They must pay attention to their own dive, and, who knows, maybe I’m just imagining they just threw me a bad look. Better leave them alone, they have their own struggle to cope with.

3. Ignore Unnecessary Weight

Heavy relationships, heavy stuff (like a house, a car, a mortgage) would be a drag. Not only it will make me move slower under water, but it will also present the risk to extend over my planned duration here. In other words, I may end up spending more time than initially planned, just to get rid of those weights.

4. Don’t’ Attach

You’re under water, for a limited amount of time. You shouldn’t’ be attached to anything, if you want your journey to continue. Imagine going scuba diving and then attaching yourself to this magnificent rock: “Man, I’m so in love with this rock, I don’t want to leave it anymore”. Eventually, you’ll run out of air and die. That’s stupid. That’s what attachment does.

5. Do No Harm

You’re here to enjoy. The colors, the fish, the shapes, the light. Why on earth should you start destroying that? Why should you break this into pieces, just because you had a bad day, for instance? Not only it will not be there anymore next time you will dive in, but other divers may be upset too if you ruined their landscape.

6. Danger Is Real

Just because the light is shining, the colors are breathtaking and you’re floating nicely, it doesn’t mean you can’t be hunted by a shark. Yes, danger is real and it comes in many forms. It may be that you’re about to become food for somebody else or just that your air is running out. Be aware. Stay alert. Always.

7. Be Aware Of The Exit

At some point, you will have to get out. You’re not equipped to stay down there forever. You’re just a visitor, and, at a certain time, when you air will run out, or when something will call you to the surface, your diving session will end. Do not be sad. That’s the way things are. You knew that from the beginning.


Well, I can easily think of another 7 things that I should do differently if my life would be just a giant scuba diving session, but I’ll leave the list opened for you. Let me know in the comments if there’s something you feel you should do different. Or not.

15 thoughts on “What If Life Is Just A Giant Scuba Diving Session?”

  1. A good dive site on the Gold Coast would attract at least 10,000 divers a year. This is based on a similar recent sinking of a ship (HMAS Brisbane) off the Sunshine Coast in 2005, which is predicted to bring in that number of tourists annually and generate about 20 million a year.

  2. Interesting comparison, but Is rule no.4 a completely good rule…? Attachment referes to other “divers” too, “rocks” cannot be the only attachment “danger” around?

  3. I love the comparison Dragos.

    I can definately see how scuba diving can relate to having a happier life, I think I need to do some scuba diving one day, I haven’t actually done it before!

    I now realize i’m missing out!

  4. Great comparison. In the big picture, our life really is short, just like a scuba dive. The universe has been in existence for billions of years and we spend just 80 years or so here. It’s such and incredibly short time.

    I’ve often thought of this, but I compare it to playing a video game. It’s like we are controlling this character though a life on earth, just as we control a character in a video game.

    Thanks for sharing this. As DLMunsey said, I think most people aren’t comfortable sharing things like this.

  5. Wow, this is some cheap philosophy… no depth what so ever. And then I explored your website. For a person with quite a number of stated achievements you sure have a lot of time to look in the mirror. So I guess you are a self imagined entrepreneur, so to speak. Actually I recently met a guy just like you. All talk, no substance. Fooled me for a while. Never again. They say you are a good for nothing captain until you have a mutiny on board. So I guess you struck gold now. Yeah, I know, haters gonna hate…

  6. More people think like you than you know. They just aren’t as comfortable confessing it. I love your thoughts. You somehow simplified life a little in that we should enjoy more and stress less. Love it!

  7. 8. You need a scuba body. This is the first rule in scuba diving. You never go alone. You have to care for you body, pay attention to him/her, be there for him/her, because if smth goes wrong with you, your body will do the same for you. Union and sharing your experiences will enlarge the happiness.


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