What You Don’t Want To Know About Prostitution

This is going to be tough. I can tell you already you’re not gonna like this. If you landed here by some search engine algorithm while looking for porn, you’re going to leave… just about now, because this is not even remotely about porn. Sorry.

Also, if you’re having a strong headed approach towards everything in life, you will be gone by the 2nd paragraph. It will be a little too much for you, I can feel it.

But if you’re ready to take a step back and accept that a topic like prostitution could have the tiniest connection with personal development, then I bet you’re going to leave only after you’ve left a comment. And it’s still going to dislike you.

The Sex Taboo

I have to confess I thought a lot about this post. Meaning I already had it sketched in my head (and then in my blogging setup), but I pondered if I should publish it or not. I finally bit the bullet and decided to publish it.

The biggest concern was not about the main topic in this post, but about the thing which is shaping the modern western society for a good 2 millennia: the sex taboo. Without doubt, the modern approach towards sex is one of the most powerful weapons used to discipline and manipulate our modern society. I think the way we perceive sex has made more victims than the world wide wars and is still hurting us.

Our culture exiled sex in the forbidden realm. It took it from the playful and (sometimes) even ecstatic pedestal other cultures had it, and exiled it outside the rules of morality. Once just a private matter (and close to spirituality), now sex has become a dirty matter. Confined by the socially accepted norms of morality, sex has been convicted inside the walls of  the institution of marriage.

This constant interdiction made sex a fantasy, created industries (like porn industry) and damaged generations from the inside. I’m not going to talk about sex here, or about what created this social distortion, because it will take too long, and it’s out of the scope of this blog post. In which, I remind you, I’m talking about something completely different, and that’s prostitution.

The reason I mentioned sex is because the modern definition of prostitution have been built on the sex taboo. Prostitution has been disguised behind sex. There is this obsession for everything related to sex which made prostitution one of the most incriminated activities on earth. Not because you’re actually faking something in the process of prostitution, but because it’s related to sex. If sex wasn’t so important, selling it for money wouldn’t be such a big issue. People are selling things for money all the time.

And this is the core of the problem, this is what made me think if it would be acceptable or not to publish this article: prostitution is not so much about sex, as it is about faking.

More precisely: faking it for money.

Money As A Shortcut

If you take out the sex taboo form prostitution, what’s left? Money and a service. Well, people are doing this every day. It’s called business. Except in prostitution the service is a fake. There is no drive to offer real sex, the actors usually don’t even know each others, there’s only a transaction of fantasies for money. Nobody gives something real and nobody gets something genuine (well, most of the time). The whole thing is a prank. A simple fake for money.

Seeing prostitution as an act of faking for money, and not specifically related to sex, well, my friend, this approach makes a big difference. Because it changes the meaning of this activity completely. It makes it spread into areas you wouldn’t think it can reach: in your daily relationships, in your job, in your thinking patterns.

When was the last time you faked something for money? When was the last time you wanted to tell  your boss he’s wrong, but you didn’t because of the money you get from him? How many times you said “yes” to your boyfriend or girlfriend, just because he or she pays the rent? How many times you’ve been doing things you don’t want, even faking some joy in doing them, just because you were paid?

Each time you did this you were a whore. By the way, that’s the paragraph where the strong headed are going to leave, because, well, because… they were never a whore! And this is a stupid, delusional post. No, sireee, not me!

Sad. And true. We’ve all been whores. We’ve all faked things for money. We all thought at some points in our life that money will solve our problems. We all sacrificed our authenticity and joy for a shortcut. We all wanted a miracle to save us from something. And we sold our souls for this shortcut called money.

Too bad money doesn’t solve anything. Only people solve things out. Even if they don’t have yet the courage, the discipline or the inspiration to change the circumstances of their lives. They’ll eventually reach out and get courage, inspiration or discipline. Eventually they’ll find a way to change their lives. They’ll take risks, get out of their comfort zone and create something. They, the people, not the money.

Money can’t buy courage. Nor discipline, nor inspiration. What it can buy is a short term delay. A pause. An illusion of security, until the real problem hits again. And then, when facing the same challenge, instead of looking inside, people are looking outside, reaching for a new client, faking another session and getting another payment. The circle repeats endlessly and down goes all your self-esteem, your authenticity and joy.

Faking Your Life For Money

The real problem with faking something is that you’re losing it. The more you fake it, the farther you go from its authentic substance. If it’s sex you’re faking – in the generally accepted term for prostitution – you’re going to completely ruin your authentic joy in having sex with somebody you love. You may become a fantastic technician – based on a prolonged physical exercise – but you won’t reach to the true nature of sex. You will have probably some pleasure, but not joy or ecstasy. In the long run, you’ll be completely disconnected. Faking will break you down.

That’s the same with every other part of your life. If you’re going to fake your job for money you’re going to eventually lose it. You won’t be able to create genuine value, because you will only do what money tells you to do. And faking for money will have long term effects on you: if at some point you’ll want to do something exceptional, something that will change the lives of the ones you love, something that will enhance your life, but that will initially affect your income, you’re not going to be able to do it. You won’t know how it’s done anymore. Instead, you’ll stick with the money. And you’ll eventually forget how it is to create genuine value in the first place. All you’ll remember is how to get paid. By faking your daily routine at the job.

If it’s friendship you’re faking, you’re going to lose it eventually. If it’s money that keeps you tied up into a friendship, you’ll compromise it at some point. You’re going to fake something, do something you don’t like. For the money. And the real friendship will get burned. You’re going to have just a regular client for your friendship faking session, a client who’s going to pay you for your performance.

Forcing Others To Fake

Faking your service is only one part of the transaction. Because there’s also the other side of it, the one who asks for it. The one who’s forcing others to fake for his own money benefit.

If you’re working with money directly for a very long time, you tend to substitute everything in your life with money (for more info about the difference between working directly with and putting a purpose between you and money, read here). More precisely, you tend to think you can do everything with money. Be happy, for instance. Be praised. Force other to do stuff for you. And even if they don’t genuinely want to do that thing, your money will eventually force them out. You start paying people to do something they don’t want. You make whores out of them. You’re becoming a pimp.

You don’t have to force others to specifically sell sex in order to be a pimp.

If you force your employees to do something they don’t want, only because you’re paying them, you’re a pimp. You force them to fake something for money. Of course, even if they will obey, the result won’t be genuine. It will be a fake.  If you think you can force your friends to stick with you for your money, even when you disappoint them, you won’t get back true friendship. You’re getting back a fake, a performance. You’re paying somebody to act as your friend.

As in every whore – pimp relationship, you’re going to be hated and eventually destroyed by your “employees”. No friendship can be bought with money, no truthful relationship can be built by force or coercion. Even if you make somebody follow you for your money, you won’t get back real value: you’re only perpetuating a life of compromise and lie.

The Real Prostitution

The real problem behind prostitution is not sex, but faking it for money. Making such a big taboo out of sex just makes it easier to isolate this specific type of prostitution, make it stand out and ‘fight’ it. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of millions of whores who are faking their jobs, their relationships, and maybe their whole lives for money.

In an ideal world we won’t fake anything for money. Everybody will be well connected with his inner self, will know their powers and lessons to learn and will act in all honesty and transparency. There won’t be disasters, drama or misery. Well, we don’t live in an ideal world, we live an imperfect one. We are faking things for money. Every day.

But instead of accepting this and do our best to change it, we deny it. All prostitution is about and only about sex, so we’re cool. And we go on and on with our fakes. Once again, I’m not trying to touch any morality rules here, this is out of the scope of this post, all I’m saying is that faking is destroying. You’re losing it.

The key in changing this and stop losing your life one fake at a time is to accept it. And forgive it. Yes, we’ve all been there. Many times. Accept it. Forgive it. And then move and and try to do better next time.

We can’t make this world perfect, but we can make our lives better . Of course we can, we just have to do it.

Where Are You?

The following question will hurt, as I already told you in the beginning: are you a whore? In what area of your life? Maybe your husband is paying you to stay with him? Maybe at the job? Maybe you stay with your friends because they’re paying your movie tickets? Are you really faking your life for money?

Or are you pimp? Are your forcing others to fake their lives for money?

I can feel your tension and muscle contractions. You’re going to fight me back and do whatever you can to make me understand I’m wrong. But before doing this, take a moment and breathe. Relax. Try to accept. Maybe you were a whore. Or a pimp.

So? Fighting back against it, denying it, will do nothing but perpetuating the status quo. Rejecting those situations in your life won’t make them disappear. It will only bury them deep down in your subconscious mind. The real answer to those question can’t be rejection, this will only make them more powerful.

Accept yourself and forgive. That’s the only way to escape the endless circle. And then move on, be meaningful and honest. Maybe you’ll upset your boss, but you’ll be authentic. Maybe your husband will divorce you, but you’ll live an honest life. Maybe your friends will reject you but at least you’ll see the movies you really like. Instead of faking your life and losing it, you’ll live a real life. With real joy. With real sadness, maybe. But with no more plastic happiness, just the real thing.

So sad that our modern society didn’t put at least an equal emphasis on forgiveness as it puts on sex. Forgiveness needs to be at least as popular as sex. Forgiving ourselves  should be an orgasmic act. And should create the same addiction as sex.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. So, instead of forgiving ourselves for being whores at some points in our life, we prefer to blindly accept to fake our lives for money, get on with it day by day, and consider that only those who are selling sex are whores. Not us. Only them, with their dirty sex…

Toldya you ain’t gonna like this.

By the way, if you really didn’t like this, there are plenty of articles in the archives which you’ll most likely dislike as well.

56 thoughts on “What You Don’t Want To Know About Prostitution”

  1. Wow, this is a very deep introspection, you are absolutely right when you say about hard heads in the middle! Glad I read all, it is a brilliant inquiry, available for the army of gurus and developers who make things possible for the sake of money. You know that I made my choice and still digging for gold, I let the shovel sellers to make their quick buck:-) Peace

  2. I know this article is an old one but I just stumbled on it today and want to say thank you. I used to be a prosituate and have lived with the shame and regret. I am still working on self forgiveness but this article has broaden my viewed on the journey of life and the specfic path of life I have chose to take…I cannot put in words how needed your words…just thank you.

  3. “Maybe you’ll upset your boss, but you’ll be authentic. Maybe your husband will divorce you, but you’ll live an honest life. Maybe your friends will reject you but at least you’ll see the movies you really like. Instead of faking your life and losing it, you’ll live a real life. With real joy. With real sadness, maybe.”

    – I agree, it’s ok to lose those in favour of authenticity but I am afraid that there may be another case, and here, I mean children as your responsability. A lot of parents fall into this trap, faking their life, faking their work at their job in order to have enough money to feed and house their beloveds. Maybe they want some change but there is a big risk because on their path to authenticity, their children may suffer. I really don’t know what’s the solution in this case other that to be sure you are not faking your life before having any children and so keeping an authentic life, and learning them to live that way.

  4. Yup, I recognized the prostitute in me, it’s there on a day to day activity, for the most part it’s related to work.

    Also I can see why you’re saying money don’t solve our problems, only WE solve our problems.

    Great article SER!

  5. Thanks for the best article I read lately 🙂 This article was a good reminder for me. I saw the whore in me, many times and I did the best for that moment so I could to forgive myself. Sometime more easy than the others. But is an ongoing process called life and if you want to be real and really live, you may as well embraces your flaws as well as your greatness 🙂

  6. True!…Been weeding out in every aspect of my life the past 3 yeras and theres still some left to deal with….it’s an ongoing process for me that seems to never end…and that’s okay as long as I feel it’s outcome is a brighter and brighter life and wonderful opportunities that pop up all around me to expand my amazing joy every moment….I can lose everything and I still have lost nothing, if I keep holding on to the true me….Thanks for your brave post 🙂

  7. Hello,

    I stumbled upon your blog about an hour ago, and I haven’t been able to stop reading it since the first article “Life: 100 Ways to Screw it Up” – but I do have to clean my house, so after this comment, off I go to create a place of harmony, a home 🙂

    About 7 months ago I started working as a waitress, which I had never done before in my life. It was a true challenge that required speed, attentiveness, physical endurance, organization and care for those I serve. I was enthralled, empowered, in awe of what I was able to accomplish… but somewhere along the way I became a whore. Depression started to kick in, getting to know my co-workers better meant to see beyond the initial spark and find their flaws, business isn’t always steady, and so I’ve become bitter and unmotivated, and my job began to lose meaning. Sometimes I’m able to connect with the higher purpose of it: to serve in excellence, to offer others a positive experience, to care for them and feed ’em bellies full. But some other times I just can’t shake my own crap off, and the only thing left to do is to put on the mask and smile, appear “normal”, and get through the day. Oh, and not to mention, I’ve allowed some of my less industrious co-workers to get away with avoiding the much needed side work (cleaning the floors, dusting, wiping walls, re-stocking, all the things that some people think magically happen in a restaurant) and poor me, the victim, has to do it all. I’m tired of this script I’ve chosen.

    So thank you for calling upon my higher consciousness to once again take a look at myself, and the way I’m choosing to live my life. Yes, I am a whore… leastways in recovery.

    Thank you for speaking your mind.

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  9. Get over it….Prostitution, whether paid or unpaid, is the original profession.
    Exchange of sex for food, shelter or protection, is as old as the human race.

  10. Taboo for what I know is generally defined as something that is frowned upon and even prohibited by society; so ‘taboo sex’ would mean a kind of sexual behavior that is viewed as unnatural, immoral, and forbidden. For example, sexual activity between members of the same sex, or odd sexual behaviors of any kind. That, of course, is just how I would explain the term. I’m not, like, an expert on sex stuff.
    While, Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment.
    And you are right on saying that the modern conception about sex is one of the most powerful weapons used to discipline and manipulate our modern society.
    But its really on us people on what we will choose being a whore?? or being a pimp??
    And whatever we will choose in our life it is better that we understand what we are doing and face the consequence with our heads up. And most of all we are happy of what we are doing.

  11. Drogos..This is an amazing piece of information to live a real life…Thank you very much..Makes me look at things in a different prospective.

  12. You know, Dragos, besides prostitution and all that – I think it takes a lot of guts – I mean HUGE – to be honest. Especially when you see, or even can guess, to what extent this can hurt others who are not as courageous as yourself.
    It’s a tight and sometimes lonely road 🙂
    .-= Valerica ´s last blog ..7 verified ways to alienate friends =-.

  13. I really just wanted to say thank you for this post – extend a symbol of appreciation!
    Authenticity … connecting to source .. knowing who the heck we each actually are … what do we believe what do we want … most of us have in the past or potentially still do lack the courage to look within with honesty … to connect with the Self … and so, when we deceive our inner selves, so we deceive our outer world, because our outer world is a direct reflection of our inner worl – we create in our outer world the physical exhibition of our inner reality.
    And you have used an analogy which lends itself supremely well to the point you are making.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the read … enjoyed the frankness!
    This I say as I travel on my journey to ever increasing connection and resultant authenticity 😉
    ~ Tina

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  15. This article almost made me cry. This is the same thing I have been feeling lately. More precisely, I feel I am a coward.

    I have a very well paid job, and I am the only source of income in my family. My two kids are still studying and my partner has no job (yet). I am a corporate bitch, as somebody else pointed out. And I work on something I really don’t like. But I have to.

    And unfortunately, I cannot figure out other sources of income nowadays. Unfortunately, I will continue to be a corporate bitch.

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  17. I didn’t DISLIKE this article…I’m ready to throw a party for it. I like it so much I’m going to drop the link right in my blog and spread the word. Excellent thoughts on a subject that is one of the proverbial Pink Elephants in the world. Mil gracias!
    .-= Georgiaf´s last blog ..Parenting 101 =-.

  18. I liked the article, really good. Your writing is improving with every word you are putting down on the blog 🙂

    Wrote a longer comment earlier on, but IEx crashed :)) so I’ll try to sum it up below:

    You assume a certain type of label for an exchange – which is an exchange, just like any other. Libertarians have taken the side of whores since long (see Walter Block’s Defending the Undefendeable), because they saw it in terms of raw process: agreement – price – render service – get paid (and laid, if you will :P). Now, of course that as an emotional human being, you can’t get to terms with that, due to the sex taboo you mentioned. You are arguing that prostitution has a fake object – that is, true emotion. I disagree with you here 🙂 because what whores are selling is exactly that, raw sex. They’re not fake for themselves – they are perhaps fake for the irresponsible buyer, who thought that certain gaps in him/her, his/her life may be covered this way. I think the prostitute is a scapegoat for the buyer. As we know, contracts have agreement from both the seller and the buyer, which means both have reviewed the contract terms and know what they are in for. So… if you are perfectly aware of what you are buying, how can you be disgruntled? 🙂

    Alas, this is only a point of view 🙂 but come to think of it, there is a joy in every type of activity you are undertaking. I have never done anything solely for money purposes, if it wasn’t fun enough, by the way. I don’t think there are people who think that unilaterally 🙂

    • Hey, kiddo, nice to have you back around here 🙂

      Thanks for the nice words about my writing, but I still look at the place where I want to be in terms of writing with the same hunger a climber has for Everest. Meaning I’m not even close to what I want to be. :-). But someday I will.

      About your approach. There is nothing wrong in an exchange. I’m not talking about the nature of the exchange. Accepting an exchange doesn’t automatically validates the goods you exchange. You can accept an exchange even if you know it’s a fake. Because this is all you can afford. The closest comparison in the commercial field is China. They pirated almost everything in this world. So, you accept an exchange with them, paying to have a gadget which resembles iPhone, but it’s worse than a Z80 powered toy.

      Same with fakes. You succumb to a fake because you know you’re getting a fake. Buying sex from a prostitute is always the substitute for not having love. You can’t buy love. Instead, you go for what you can afford, in terms of money.

  19. There’s another case – you can be a whore without even faking it! For example I use Apple products (iPhone, MacBook, …) because I feel they are technologically superior and help me get my job done better. BUT I am totally against Apple as a company and its policies. So on one hand I am real (I use the tool I believe is better for my needs), while I am being a whore – since using it is against all my principles and not only I use it, but I vote for it with my wallet! On the other hand, if I would be using Linux, I would stop being an Apple whore but start being fake, because I do think Apple products make me more productive. Big dilemma, isn’t it? 🙂

    • Yes, that’s definitely closer to the topic of the post. Yes, we tend to have this twisted behavior, dictated by our “priorities”. In this case, being productive is a bigger priority than acknowledging the moral behavior of Apple as a company. You just go with what’s more important for you, a little compromise.

      This is happening to everybody, in most of life’s areas. To stick with your example, I just surrendered myself. I accepted Apple with all those “good” or “bad” things it does. As long as I’m doing my job with their tools.

  20. Read this just when you posted it, but had to run and couldn’t reply. Now I found it again in my reader and remembered. 🙂

    I like how you make the article sound attractive by talking about this taboo subject – sex, when in fact it has nothing to do with that. 🙂

    Indeed prostitutes are the smallest part of the population that is living a fake life. I would argue that *all* of us are have some degree of fake in our life. Sure, it can vary from big (and obvious?) – a job, a friendship, a marriage – to small (and still significant) – the way we dress, the way we talk, the “flashes” http://www.dragosroua.com/flashes/.

    This is a pretty deep subject you are discussing here – you could have a separate blog just on this. Now that I think a bit more about the subject trying to write a coherent comment, I even get to questions of good versus bad. Is that related to fake vs real? Can you say that real is always good? What about fake always bad? Just a thought.

    • I totally agree, this topic is so broad, it would definitely fit into its own blog.

      About your good / bad dichotomy. I don’t think it applies. This is not, or at least I intended it not to be, about good or bad. It’s about authenticity, first hand reality, as opposed to faking in any way you may think of: cheating, lying, ignoring, deluding and so on. Good or bad are part of what I call authenticity. They are contained within. The decision to follow good or bad is subsequent to the decision to be authentic. You can’t chose something if you’re cheating.

  21. whore is usually defined by society as a loose person (usually women) sometimes a person that sells themselves for sex. Following your theory of tabooness, doing drugs is taboo, but we’ve taken medicine at some point in our lives are we all drug addicts? How about cheating, are we all cheaters?And lying are we all liars?

    • hey, tory, sorry for the delay in response, better later than never. Just to answer your first and main question: I’m not trying to justify prostitution by any means, nor do I suggest that we are all “pimps”. I’m using this analogy in order to describe a broader topic, which is authenticity. Faking is what is wrong in prostitution not the sexual taboo. Consequently, faking in any areas is as bad as what we generally perceive as prostitution, in the sex terms.

      And yes, we are cheaters at some point in our lives. The only way to get out of it is to accept it, acknowledge it, forgive yourself and stay away from it.

  22. haha, I just came across this blog, I have to say seldom do we practice what we preach, no one can be “real” all the time. Being real can get you in trouble, whether it’s financial or not and even killed. We can’t afford that can we. Everyone is, was and will always be a hypocrite. It sounds like you’re trying to justify prostitution which in many case can be the result of the economy or consequences of human behavior.It also sounds like some sort of motivational talk like we should all be pimps, but aren’t pimps abusive of power, money hungry and dishonest?That doesn’t make a pimp any better than a whore does it.This doesn’t offend me but if you’re trying to reach through to people, offending them isn’t going to get the message across, but then again can’t blame you for being real and you sold it to a lot of people or as you would put it “a whore”.

  23. Great post.

    Unfortunately, being a student, I don’t think I fall in either category just yet, although I’d love to f**k for a fee. Makes things simpler. Doesn’t really matter if I’m paying or getting paid, since the simplicity of a transaction ends at the handing over of money.

    But you do have a spelling error in there -> Last paragraph before “Where Are You?”, “male” should be “make” – I presume ?

    • Thanks for spotting that typo, it’s corrected now. As for the “paying”, it’s your choice, but I bet you can find many other ways to get laid. Paying seems like the easiest one but that’s only because you’re going to receive a fake, not the real stuff.

  24. Quite and interesting post – and this may be a good way to show how keywords work 🙂

    I like to point of view, I know a lot of people that would call themselves business-whores and when I was a consultant I was definitely a business-pimp and a business-whore.

    Saying that, anyone that gets paid for a job can fall into these categories. Lance Armstrong is a biking-whore, wearing the scarlet letter on his yellow jersey, but the weekend biker that never makes a penny is a ‘pure’ rider.
    .-= McLaughlin´s last blog ..Using LinkedIn to Drive Traffic to Your Blog =-.

    • Hey, tha’ts the first comment which spots that 😉 I mean, when I decided to write this, I confess I wanted to play a little with the keywords. I bet search engines are humans are seeing this post very different.

      As for the last part of your comment, I don’t entirely agree. If you’re getting paid for what you’re doing doesn’t mean you’re a whore. Only if you fake it. Lance’s reward is his celebrity, that’s why he’s doing this in the first place, that and the desire to win. If he’s being paid for promoting something he didn’t heard of, or don’t have any connection with, that’s the part in which he’s a whore. In my opinion, the essence of being a prostitute is in faking it.

  25. Holy cow –
    What an article. I really like your boldness here.
    The truth is yes – I am a pimp. lol AND THE OTHER PART i PLEAD THE FIFTH ON ! My husband only know that. 😀
    Great article Dragos ! Keep them coming and the bolder the better.

  26. Wow this is great. Interesting timing as well as I am exploring a slow exit from my current corporate pimp life. I try not to think of myself as a whore, but a corporate bitch. Energy drained as I do work that is nothing to do with who I am. While doing activities that I love and I am interested in, I can be empty on energy at the end of the day but thats because I’ve exhausted my energy, not had it drained from me. Being unauthentic, and playing a role of someone else leaves me dead and I find it hard even working on my work I love later. I am still looking at ways to try and downshift / scale back my lifestyle and corporate job to ramp up and accelerate being paid to be me.
    Timethief said it great there at the end of her comment!
    .-= Scott Webb´s last blog ..Wordpress Themes for Kickass Photography and Photoblogs (Part 2 of 3) =-.

  27. Authenticity is the character trait of being genuine, honest with oneself as well as others It’s more than that too. Authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite the demands of society or one’s conditioning.

    The reality is that much of the web is designed, not so much to share information, as to sell it. It’s also a reality bloggers today, more than ever before, have many demands on their time and social media networking to create an authentic online presence can be a time drain. Also, as blogging becomes more and more a means of making an income, all bloggers are under increasing pressure to create a “nice” online presence and reputation.

    You don’t have to meet the demands and expectations of others if they are unreasonable, unrealistic or unfair. And you don’t have to make these kind of demands on others either. The trouble with being too nice all the time is that you can’t be yourself at any time. When you can’t be yourself, at least, for majority of the time, the psychological and physical tension can wear you out.
    .-= timethief´s last blog ..It’s no secret =-.

    • Excellent comment here! Yes, too many bloggers are pimping their message in order to be popular (for the sake of money, of course) and this is just another form of prostitution. And in the process they get drained even before they have the time to broadcast their real message.

  28. Hey Dragos,

    a few weeks ago I stumbled over your blog and have read some of your posts since.

    Thank you for your decision to share this specific article and for all your other posts, too.

    You got it right. Say what you think. Be 100% authentic. I admire that. Keep it up!


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