What You Know Is What You Get

They say you cannot really enter a Universe, without modifying it. This sentence is especially frequent in quantum physics and it witness a very simple fact: whenever you go, whatever you do, you’ll be influenced in your perceptions by whatever you already know at that moment. Every Universe you enter will be shaped by your prior knowing about what a Universe should be. If you think the Universe should be round, all the Universes which you will explore will have the roundness property. If you think the Universe is flat, all the places in the known world will have just one dimension for you. At least, this is what they say…

This is very important especially when you translate it to personal development. If you think at the next level of your personal development like a Universe you want to explore, then you have already an approach for working with it. You’ll know that every level of your personal development will be actually shaped by your prior knowledge about it.

I take this in 2 ways:

  1. there is an intrinsic limitation of the Universes you may explore, because your knowledge is limited
  2. there are no limitations whatsoever to the Universes you may explore, as long as you first know them, or you have the power to imagine them.

There are decent arguments to sustain both approaches.

Most of the skeptics would go with number one, and prove that your experience is fundamentally limited because your knowledge is limited. Your knowledge is fed within the current world, so the next world should be more or less identical with this one. As long as your input is limited to this environment, it’s impossible to expand it to new, completely different environments.

Those left after the skeptics have spoken will attach to number two, and state that you can actually imagine everything and then experience it. I must say that I lean more towards this part of the world. The part who say that you have unlimited power to tune your imagination for unlimited Universes and then experience them physically, because you already knew them in your mind and made them possible.

I wrote this small and somehow abstract introduction because I recently experienced something related to these concepts. It’s a series of encounters and logical deductions which strongly pushed me to accept the second way of experiencing the world. Let’s start the story first, and then the revelations.

Travel as a symbol of rebirth

Regular readers of my blog already know that I want to move to New Zealand. In good decent style of the Law Of Attraction, I even did a drive-test trip to New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, in order to familiarize myself with this new “vibration”. The trip was absolutely fantastic, not only from a mundane touristic approach, but more from a spiritual and personal development perspective. It was so filled with new experiences, so mind opening and so challenging that it actually made my mind stop several times, leaving me completely and genuinely exposed to a new flow of life.

In many cultures traveling is a symbol of rebirth. Leaving your home for a new one is often perceived as leaving your familiar body and getting a new one, in a new reality experience. I’m sure that any one of you has had this feeling after a nice holiday. When coming home from a distant trip we are literally a new person, different from the one that left three weeks ago. Imagine this feeling amplified with at least an order of magnitude when you decide to completely change your lifestyle and start a new road the other side of the Earth.

In many aspects, this trip had some powerful rebirth vibrations for me. Not only the freshness of the experiences, but also the encounters I had, proved me some very powerful ideas that I only knew so far from a rational, somehow dry perspective. The trip made me experience those concepts. Here starts the story…

The characters

The main human interaction in this trip was with 3 groups of people. I won’t give their names, because they are not relevant, and also because of the privacy those groups deserve. Even more, no one from those groups knows this specific way in which they affected me, nor did hey had the intention to do so. It was a very honest, open and normal interaction, but at a deepest level, it triggered some hidden mechanisms in myself.

The first group was a very nurturing one, extremely close to me and ready to help, with a total desire to sustain my future relocation and also to feed me with every piece of information they considered important. They were also modest and somehow protective. I will call them G1.

The second group was more adventurous but with a strong sense of family. They were here in a rather relaxed attitude, and ready to enjoy more than survive.  For the sake of the story, they will be G2.

And the third group was more related to business facts, going out and sharing information as in casual social relationships. Let’s call this final group G3.

During the trip I was interacting with each group, sometimes with two groups at the same moment, sometimes with just one. My reality was strongly influenced by their opinions, the informations they gave me and their feeling about their new home. It was like reading a tutorial written by 3 different groups of people, each one with its own perspective. There was significant difference between any of the groups approaches.

As my trip progressed and all those interactions started to unfold a new picture about the Universe in which I entered, I started to have small “deja vu” moments. It was like I was taking part at the same events, but with a different shape. There wasn’t nothing scary, just some small resemblance with situations that were known to me at some point in my life, but very difficult to identify and describe. Didn’t knew how to explain that, and, to be honest, didn’t want to: the amplitude of those sensation was not so high, but still very present… Although I was on the other side of the world, literally, I had the impression of something extremely familiar and reassuring.

The awareness moment

And then, sometimes near the end of the trip, I had a very deep and intense awareness moment. I realized in a flash that G1 was a projection of my parenting archetypes, G2 was a projection of my sibling archetypes, and G3 was a projection of my friendship archetypes.

The resemblance was shocking. G1 had everything my parents had, or everything that I perceived as coming form my parents, G2 was in almost any vibrations like the relation I had with my sister, and G3 was a crystal clear projection of how I understand friends and business associates.

Once again, no one knew that they will play these roles, and I’m pretty sure no one feels right now that they played these roles. But for me, they did. In that new world, they were the archetypes I used for shaping the new Universe. I don’t know how I managed to attract those specific types of persons, but I somehow did it. The oldest and deepest patterns I used when I entered this physical world were related to my parents, my sister and “the friend”. In an undetectable manner, and with an astonishing precision, I managed to attract the same types of persons to unfold the new Universe for me, to assist me with this rebirth. Congruent in every point with The Law Of Attraction, I managed to pick those specific groups to interact with, out of an infinite field of possibilities. Because those were the groups I knew, those were the groups that guided me before and I had a familiar way to interact with them.

If you imagine that I was shocked, you are moderately right: I was not only shocked, but for several moments I was actually terrified.  Discovering some of your fundamental archetypes is not always a pleasant experience. Realizing that you behave exactly the same regardless of the Universe you are entering in, is somehow sad. It’s a feeling of imprisonment or extreme limitation, a revelation showing that you do follow some pre-made program in your life, almost touching the dream realm. You actually feel like being in a strange dream, which all of a sudden become your reality.

Stepping out of the map

But after the initial moment, I took a step back. I looked at the whole picture again, and somehow I wasn’t frightened anymore. Because now I knew. Because I had a very intense revelation and my own Universe was suddenly enlarged. Seeing something from outside means the place is bigger, because now it needs to accommodate a place for the Observer, meaning You. The moment you see something “from outside”, your world is actually expanding, it’s stretching beyond your current pre-made program. Maybe I was a little sad in the beginning, when I perceived a sense of limitation, but now I was a different person. Because now I knew. I transcended that limitation. I was free to choose whatever I wanted as guiding archetypes. I could do this from a conscious position, without my unconscious archetypes taking lead.

In astrological terms this is often called “stepping out of your own chart”, or going over and beyond what your current astrological map provides for you. Every human being has this power. Starting with your birth moment you have a limited set of patterns, clearly written in your astrological chart, patterns who creates most of what you call “your personality”, but you also have your free will. And free will is really free, meaning you have all the freedom to experience new patterns, to step into new worlds. It’s difficult, and it takes a deep and intense perception of the Universe, and of the fact that you really, really have the power to shape it. But it’s possible. At a rational level this is easy to understand, but at the experience level this is really challenging. Because stepping out of the map can mean stepping out of your current life. Completely. And, for most of us, this is scary, because it may also mean that you are dying from this current life.

Making a long story short after this moment the trip took a completely different turn. I was in the same space, I was interacting with the same groups of people, but now I had a different knowledge of myself. And that different knowledge made me to understand tremendously more of the Universe I was in. There were tons of new information popping out of my face almost any moment, there were dozens of new interactions that I started to understand, there were new and unexpected decisions taken. And all of this because now I knew that my knowledge could actually limit my experience.  I knew that I can expand my knowledge through direct experience and change everything around me in new and unexpected ways.

And that I was, in the end, the creator of my own Universe.

4 thoughts on “What You Know Is What You Get”

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  2. Thank you, Annie, for your kind words and your empathic approach, I really appreciate it!

    Good luck with your website too, it looks like we already share some common interests.

    Have a nice journey 🙂

  3. Hi,

    fascinating reading! I am a kiwi (term for a New Zealander!) living in Tasmania, Australia, so was really interested to read your post. New Zealand is a beautiful country, and certainly very different vibrationally from Europe. You will be taking yourself with you though, so don’t be surprised to find you have those “archetypes” appearing! Your past has shaped you to what you are today, (and some would say also your future!) It all adds up to the richness of you as a person. Thank you for sharing your journey out in cyberspace, you are obviously a person with incredible depth and willingness to risk putting yourself “out there” .

    Good luck with creating your new future, what an exciting time it will be!

    wishing you joy,
    Annie D


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