Writing Fiction – New Challenge, New Book

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this blog. Sometimes, life tends to happen “outside” and not everything that unfolds is meant to be logged, written about or signaled to the world. That’s how it was for the past few months for me. I just felt is better to enjoy what is and move forward, without adding the extra layer of writing about any new experience that came my way. And boy, did I have a lot of experiences…

But back to the current post.

One of the experiences that I enjoyed during the last few months was to write fiction. Specifically, science-fiction. If you follow this blog for more than 3-4 years (in which case I’m congratulating you, that’s a lot!) then you know I have already a few non-fiction books self-published on Amazon. Some of them even translated in other languages and stuff.

But not a single fiction book so far.

Well, that’s just changed. As of now, my first (and, hopefully, not the last) science-fiction book, The World, Dripping, is available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon. Just clicking on any of the links above will take you to the corresponding page.

I have to confess that I really enjoyed writing this book. I didn’t set any expectations for it, nor any deadline. Still, I finished in about 4 months, while still allowing the day to day life to go on, like it should be. I also didn’t set up any goal in terms of pages or other metric. I just wrote until I felt it’s “round” and finished.

As part of the launching, I also decided to do something a bit unusual. I published the first 4 chapters on a blockchain-based social media platform where I’m still relatively active, namely Hive.com (the link will take you directly to the first chapter, and then you can read the remaining chapters from there).

In total, there are 16 chapters. So, just to give you an idea, I thought to publish here the table of contents. In conjunction with the first 4 chapters, that should be enough to stir up your curiosity.

Chapter 1 – They All Flocked To Maui. Again 5
Chapter 2 – No Calorie Stripping, Alla Goostuffa 11
Chapter 3 – What The Hell Am I Getting Myself Into? 17
Chapter 4 – To The Brave We Come, For The Brave We Shall Die 23
Chapter 5 – Opposites Attract, Ain’t So, Pretty Baby? 32
Chapter 6 – I know It Was Possible, But It Never Happened To Me 41
Chapter 7 – If The Cheese Is Good Enough, No Rat Will Ever Resist It 50
Chapter 8 – I Wonder Who’s In This Fucking Network 57
Chapter 9 – Towards A Point With Mingled Truth Values 63
Chapter 10 – Overlapping 74
Chapter 11 – A Guaranteed Traffic Generator 84
Chapter 12 – You Started This, You Fix It! 93
Chapter 13 – Enough To Hear The Juicy Parts 102
Chapter 14 – Always Give More Than Receive 113
Chapter 15 – Sometimes I Think They Are All Idiots Up There 124
Chapter 16 – For The First Time In A Very Long Time, It Was Silence 135
Glossary 147

The linked chapters can be read for free on Steemit.com.

This was by far one of the nicest writing experiences I had in the last 10 years. Not only the fact that I could write at my own pace, on my own terms, but also the fact that I didn’t induce any pressure, to anyone, nor to the potential reader (trying to fit it in to a certain style) or to me. I just wrote it, being totally fine with the idea that absolutely nobody will ever buy this book.

But if you do buy it, just make sure you leave an honest review. I’m really curious what you think about it.

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