Yes, I Can

While re-reading my blog the other day (an activity I regularly do just to keep things tidy, looking for broken links or overlapping keywords) I observed a pattern. It seems that I write a lot about difficult situations and about overcoming them. The most popular post on my blog is still 50 Ways To Start Fresh, after more than 10 years. As you can imagine, that post is about rebooting your life after a crash. A lot of people are still finding that article useful and it’s still shared constantly, without any promotion whatsoever.

But… There is a “but”… Focusing too much on a certain thing makes us see more of that thing, it’s just how focus works: it grows everything you put it on. In an almost funny way, focusing on overcoming obstacles brings us even more obstacles to overcome.

While it’s certainly true that I had my fair share of obstacles, it’s also incomplete. I also had a lot of breakthroughs, happy moments and long periods of abundance. But, because I seldom write about them, they aren’t to be found anywhere on this blog. I feel like I have to change this, so here are just a few of the things that I know for sure are possible. Things that can bring light, fulfillment, balance and happiness. Even more, all those things happened to me at least once in my life.

I’m sharing them with the only intent to point out that life is also about light and possibilities, not only about darkness and pushing through difficult moments. Feel free to adjust, adapt, copy and paste, share, turn into a mantra, send in a letter to your future self, some, or all of these “Yes, I Can” sentences.

Yes, I can build a business from scratch, turning it into a relevant player in its niche and sell it for a profit.

Yes, I can have a fulfilling intimate relationship, with all the required ingredients, not just some of them.

Yes, I can have a balanced and supportive relationships with my kids, no matter where we are in our lives.

Yes, I can live in a beautiful, comfortable house and enjoy it.

Yes, I can travel wherever I want, whenever I want.

Yes, I can live anywhere I want in this world.

Yes, I can enjoy having and spending a lot of money.

Yes, I can receive help when I need it and yes, it feels great to feel accepted and supported.

Yes, I can reach any goal I set, and yes, I can do this in a balanced, healthy, non-destructive way.

Yes, You Can, Too

Overcoming obstacles is a fundamental skill. But so is life enjoyment. One is useless without the other. If you came to my blog to build strength and resilience, thank you and congrats: you’re in the right place.

But keep in mind that life isn’t just a continuous obstacle, a string of never ending challenges. Life is also a space of enjoyment and possibility. If just one person on this world was able to do a certain thing, remember you can, too.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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