ZenTasktic Update: Steady To The Plan

It’s been almost a month since I announced the relaunch of ZenTasktic, and since then a lot happened. I did my best to cram as many hours into this, and although this felt a bit overwhelming at times (especially when you live and work in Spain, where taking things easy is the natural way of be), but I think this is starting to pay off.

Here’s a short breakdown of what is working so far:

  • basic CloudKit integration with mirroring data on iPhone / iPad / Mac
  • all basic functionality for the Assess realm: adding / editing / deleting single tasks, projects, ideas, contexts and collections
  • standard functionality for the Assess realm: promoting tasks to projects / ideas, detaching tasks from projects ideas (as single tasks, new projects or new ideas)
  • standard collection functionality in the Assess realm: archiving single tasks / projects / ideas to a collection and unarchiving them back to Assess
  • basic functionality for the Decide realm: setting contexts and due date for tasks
  • basic integration of calendar visualizations when setting due dates for tasks

I really wish I would have had more spare time to spend on this, but nevertheless, we’re basically on track. I’m still aiming to launch at the end of December 2019.

Since an image is worth more than a thousands words, I’m going to stop writing now and will add a few thousands more words to this post in the form of a few screenshots.

As usual, if you want to know more, to become a beta-tester or just to know when we’re launching, sign up at the original website.

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