Today I’m turning 39. And I thought it would be a good moment to post a list about 39 things I learned so far in my life. Or things that seems important to me now. Or just things.

  1. Regrets are like plastic surgery: they can’t really improve anything and they’re expensive as hell.
  2. Money is good, but you’re way much better than your bank account.
  3. Hate is useless. No matter at what end of it are you.
  4. Love survives. Somehow.
  5. You can be fooled by the wrap sometimes, but everything you receive from life is in fact a gift.
  6. You’re as good as you want to be.
  7. Friends are in your heart, even if they aren’t in your life for many years.
  8. Goals are good, but no better than the mechanical rabbit at a dog race. At the end of the race, they’re useless.
  9. Believe everything you want, it will turn out to be true at some point.
  10. Day dreaming is like oxygen for your mind. If you can’t day dream, you’re slowly suffocating.
  11. Inside or outside yourself, travel is a miraculous thing.
  12. Work pays off.
  13. It’s ok not to like somebody.
  14. Your words are more powerful than you think. Use with caution.
  15. No matter how much you have, it’s always about how much you give.
  16. I’m much better at starting things than at managing them. I made peace with that.
  17. When you really need someone or something, it will appear in your life. You may not see it, but it’s there.
  18. I bumped into many “it seems there’s no way to get over this” moments in my life. They’re all in the past now.
  19. Whatever you speak to yourself into your mind, you will silently go to others around you. Treat yourself nice.
  20. Hangovers are temporary. So it’s pain.
  21. Whenever you feel you can’t do it anymore, you can do it at least twice the time you did it. That’s a fact.
  22. Believe your intuition. Just don’t let it know that, it will inflate with pride and lose accuracy.
  23. Forgive fast, forgive often.
  24. You have to repeat your lessons until you learn them. Can’t trick the system on this one.
  25. There is no such thing as an “inappropriate moment”. Everything happens on time.
  26. You don’t need permission to be happy. Nor acceptance or validation.
  27. Fighting is such an energy waster. So much healthier to go the gym instead.
  28. When you want something, go get it. Don’t fantasize about having it.
  29. You can make mistakes. That’s ok.
  30. Other people can make mistakes. That’s ok too.
  31. Everything happens for a reason. You may not see it right away, but it’s there all the time.
  32. What you see is mostly what you think you see. Looking back, a lot of stuff looks different to me now.
  33. Success is not a career, a family or wealth. Success is happiness acknowledged.
  34. Happiness is a process, not a goal.
  35. Somebody may hurt you at some point and you may hurt somebody. Pain is part of the game. Suffering is optional.
  36. Everything you get, you wanted at some point. You only get what you want.
  37. It’s ok to be loved by other people, even if you don’t love yourself.
  38. Sometimes I get so bored with elevated sentences about life, like the ones I wrote here. I really do.
  39. Stop doing stuff. Start living your life.