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My name is Dragos Roua, and I tweet under the name @dragosroua. I’m the guy behind the blog DragosRoua.com.

If you’re a little impatient and want to know more about my reasons of having a digital presence, please have a look at the about page on DragosRoua.com. If you just wanna know a few things about me, than feel free to read on.

I am a 45 years old guy living in Bucharest, Romania.

Dragos Roua’s Story

For the last 10 years I’ve been an entrepreneur in the online publishing business. In 2008 I sold the business I started in 1999 (an online publishing company). Since then, I followed my own intuition and focused exclusively on personal development as a business. I use everything I learned from being a successful entrepreneur, manager, programmer and business man in trying to make other people successful. You can be one of them, by the way.

Dragos Roua The Blog

This blog was started in 2006, as a way of expressing my personal thoughts and experiences related to productivity. At that time I was still a busy manager, trying to improve my day to day work flow. I wrote extensively about Getting Things Done, a methodology invented by David Allen and also about other productivity techniques. But after I did the exit from my previous business I added a lot of other stuff to this blog, in order to make it more “me”.

So, I usually write about:

This is just a short list of what I’m interested in, as I do like to acquire, use and manage a lot of different skills. If you’re interested in what and why I write, you can subscribe to my RSS feed.

Dragos Roua On Twitter

If you follow me on Twitter you will have instant access to everything I write on DragosRoua.com blog. Each time I post on DragosRoua.com, my twitter account will be updated. I also use Twitter as a real micro-blogging platform and try to make the best of it for my goals. Expect quotes, random retweets for interesting people or news, personal development tips, experiments or other oddities. And, of course, you will get quite an image about my life, as I do my best to answer to Twitter’s most famous question: “what are you doing?”… So, if you’re curious, follow me on twitter.

Dragos Roua On Other Social Media

Twitter apart, I do use other social websites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Feel free to befriend me by clicking on those links.