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How To Be A Great Blogger

Choose to live an extraordinary life day in and day out. Then blog about it word by word.

The World, Dripping - All You Need Is Attention

In a dystopian world driven by incessant hunting for attention, a few characters are embarking on a journey of discovery. Pushed forward by ambitions or just curiosity, they will eventually discover that life, as they knew it, was simply a cover for a much deeper, sometimes elusive, order.
If you want to know how their journey unfolds, check out my first science-fiction book on Amazon. Click the link below or the cover on the left.

The World, Dripping - All You Need Is Attention

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  1. And develop a sense of when what you have to say needs to be written in 5000 words and when 17 words are just what are needed. Less is more.
    .-= Zoli Cserei´s last blog ..Your Ultimate Guide To Zen Resources =-.

  2. I’m good with those instructions Dragos. I like things put in the simplest possible terms and you certainly did that.

  3. Hey Dragos.

    I would have read this post but I don’t have time to read a long article. They take too long, and by that time, I could have cooked a meal or done the laundry. Sometimes we have to prioritize when we see that something it going to take up way more time than we have.

    I really thought about reading the post, but we know posts are not short by any means, and so there is a big involvement when you read one.

    Maybe I will read your next article, but I will pass on this one without even looking at it, because of limited time.

    I’m sure you would have let us know how to be a great blogger here. Maybe if you make a summary version, I can check that out.
    .-= Armen Shirvanian´s last blog ..How To Achieve More And Do Less =-.

  4. YES!!!!! LOL! 🙂
    Anything less just won’t cut it for me.
    …And the extraordinary can be found in ANY moment we choose.
    In Little things, Big things, Easy things, Challenging things.
    The Extraordinary is everywhere.
    Aaah, you are a gem!
    This just made my whole day.
    Hugging you,

  5. Even if you live an ordinary life, being able to describe it in words, makes you a great blogger. Being a great blogger makes your life extraordinary!

  6. Every day it is an extraordinary to me. Just as any approach to anything the same with blogging. One shall try it and experiment what best works for them. I guess that is about it!
    Keep learning a least one new thing every day!

    Thank you!
    .-= ZuzannaM´s last blog ..Butchart Gardens =-.

  7. Just talking about this very concept tonight with friends over a bottle of wine. The most important thing is to live an extraordinary life, not just for your blog but for the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. Being able to describe that incredible life succinctly is no easy task. It’s hard to find the combination of the two.
    .-= Audrey´s last blog ..The Joy of Living Deliberately: 7 Questions =-.

  8. Brilliant! As were the other posts I got around to on my quick buzz through the site. I will be back! Given your obvious expertise, any equally insightful feedback on, my new good ideas, good news blog…(getting positive, uplifting content out there in the midst of all they yuck!) would be more than welcome! Thanks again for yours! Happy Monday!

  9. Cool post… I agree 🙂
    .-= Jonathan |´s last blog ..Buddhist verses from Siddhartha – The enlightened one =-.

  10. This one was a trick, wasn’t it? It was just to get us talking and admitting to our weakness of babbling on and on and on and then you get to laugh and repeat what you said in such brevity that we shudder. I am not going to be tricked this time! 🙂

  11. Great advice:) Thanks Dragos!
    .-= Lana-DreamFollowers Blog´s last blog ..How To Clear Your Limiting Beliefs =-.

  12. In a blogosphere filled with giant walls of text masquerading as blog posts, you got your message across so effectively with so few words!

    Hurray for minimalism!
    .-= unbjames´s last blog ..unbjames: RT @myeggnoodles: > @richardbranson on why bad times are the best time to start a venture … =-.

  13. Short simple and to the point. Hit a nerve with me too. I need to follow this. Thanks!
    .-= Richard |´s last blog ..Lessons From a Month of Meditation =-.

  14. Simple short and straight to the point 😉 Like all your articles, Dragos! Thank you for inspiring me every day!
    .-= Raluca´s last blog ..What LESS can you do? =-.

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