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You’re not reading this by chance, you know. I bet there are at least 3 main reasons for you to be here (apart from just searching the net for a good iPhone productivity app):

  • you don’t have yet a productivity system for your day to day tasks
  • you have a productivity system for your day to day tasks, but you’re not satisfied with it
  • you feel there is more about life than just “being productive”

Congratulations! For each of these problems iAdd will give you a decent answer.

What is iAdd?

It’s an iPhone / iPad app implementing the Assess – Decide – Do life management framework. It’s not a To Do list app. It’s better than a To Do list app. It’s not a GTD-based app, although it borrows some concepts from GTD (like contexts, for instance). iAdd will enforce a smooth workflow based on these 3 stages of your life.


Add here everything that crosses your mind. Be it tasks you want to perform sometime, events you want to attend to, projects you have in mind, or just random ideas. The basic unit of iAdd is a single task. Starting from a single task you can create a project, brainstorm it as an idea, send it by email, etc. Once you’re satisfied with the WHAT, you can move that piece of information to the next realm.

One interesting thing that you will do in Assess is to add Contexts to your system. Also, any information that is not of immediate use can be moved to Collections, which are an internal storage mechanism for iAdd. Once you decided something from a Collection is worth working on it, you can Re-assess it (or make it available to the workflow again).


Here, you sign the contract for actually doing what you assessed in the previous realm. You do this by assigning a context and a due date to your task, project or event. Hold your horses, you’re not gonna DO anything yet. Just sign the contract an be very careful at what you’re signing.


This is the final stage of the workflow. Here, you’re focusing only on Doing. Nothing more. Browse through your tasks and pick the one you want to do. Then pick the next one. There’s nothing more to think about here, because all the thinking and the decisions has been consumed in the previous realms.

Oh, and one more thing: in iAdd we don’t have deadlines, we have livelines. If you want to know the difference go read this free chapter from the ebook: The Death Of The Deadline As We Know It.


iAdd is a universal app, which means it works on iPod, iPhone and iPad. It’s a single download and a single purchase, which means you pay once and you get 3 apps. iAdd works on devices with at least iOS 3.0. There are certain features available only on certain iOS versions (local alerts are available only on devices running iOS 4.x).


  • sync your data wireless via 3G, EDGE or WiFi between iPhone and iPad apps via Dropbox
  • send tasks, events, projects or ideas by email
  • powerful life management framework, enforcing a smooth workflow to help you not only get things done, but also have a real life 🙂
  • unique insertion point (the Assess realm)
  • local alerts for tasks and events (iOS4 exclusive feature)
  • unlimited number of contexts and collections
  • unlimited number of tasks, ideas, events and projects
  • brainstorm your projects first with ideas, and then transform them into projects with a simple touch


iAdd will only ask for a very affordable 3.99 USD in order to take a place on your first screen of apps. Please note that this price is set for a limited time and since it can go up, buying it now would be a wise idea. The launch price of iAdd was 2.99 USD and all the customers who bought at this price will enjoy updates and new features for free. See more in the app store by clicking the image below.

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Assess – Decide – Do in Under 2 Minutes – a short video explaining what you just read in under 2 minutes

How To Build An iPhone App In 30 Days – the “how was made” of iAdd (long article)

Support Page

If you have any bug reports, features suggestions or just want to share your feelings about iAdd, use the official support page.

6 thoughts on “iAdd for iPhone / iPad”

  1. Hey, Dragos! Recently purchased iADD and am loving it. However, I’ve been having some technical issues: the app keeps crashing repeatedly when I try to return to the “Assess” screen after marking tasks “Done” or adding new items, or when I try to sync to Dropbox. Any ideas for a fix?


  2. Have bought your e-book on ADD.
    Looking forward to Mac desktop (have a MacBook Pro) and Android (HTC Magic) apps.
    Cloud syncing between those two should be possible (some Mac users have other phones than iPhone 🙂
    All Best

    • At the moment I don’t have any plans for Symbian. The desktop app for Mac is high priority right now and I aim for a release next spring, and if I would go out of the Apple ecosystem, I’d probably target Android.


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