Steve Pavlina Conscious Growth Workshop Teaser – Morning Las Vegas

For the last 48 hours I was in Las Vegas where I attend to Steve Pavlina’s Conscious Growth Workshop at Harrah’s hotel, which will start in a few hours. I decided to come earlier because jetlag is not amongst my closest friends, if you know what I mean. And staying on planes for more than 19 hours, plus the ground airport hassle to check-in, transfer and board the connection flights didn’t make things easier also. Add a 10 hours time difference between Las Vegas and Bucharest and now you’ll understand why I was here 48 hours before the event.

Conscious Growth Workshop Meetup

Last evening I had the chance to meet at least a third of the total workshop audience. From what I read on Steve’s blog, there are 133 persons attending to the workshop (not including any last minute changes) and at the yesterday’s meetup there were at least 40 persons. We met in a coffee bar in Caesar’s Palace and what initially had to be a small gathering of a few people, soon become a sort of an ad-hoc social party. We literally took over the coffee bar.

I don’t remember all the names, but I do remember quite a nice vibe and a lot of talking. Everybody was eager to start meeting new people, to talk about their expectations, their lives or Vegas. In no particular order. One thing soon become clear: my name is not English-friendly. I had to repeat it at least 2-3 times every time I met someone new and I still don’t think they got it right. At some point, someone suggested to change it, just during the seminar, for something more manageable, like Bob or Mike. Easier to remember.

We talked for about one and a half hour and I really don’t know when this time really flew. What I do  know is that I had to hit the bed at some point because I was really sleepy. Woke up at 3 AM, still awfully early for Vegas, but relaxed and motivated. We’re now only a few hours away from the workshop and I really look forward to it. One thing I know is that I won’t be able to do any live blogging from there and I highly doubt I would be able to do some real time tweeting also. There was a clear message from Steve on his blog about that and I have to agree with him. Oh, and even if this was allowed, one thing I discovered about Vegas is that WiFi is something really expensive around here. I mean every decent hotel in the world gives you free WiFi in the standard, but at Caesar’s Palace you have to pay for it. I guess it’s a marketing strategy: instead of wasting time and money on that silly WiFi, why don’t you guys just use those 20 bucks for a nice, honest and totally unsuccessful gambling session?

Morning Las Vegas

Speaking of Vegas, I’m impressed. In fact, I’m more than impressed, I’m puzzled. I do plan to write extensively about it in the next days, so I will only publish some pictures now with some short comments. Pictures were taken yesterday morning, between 5 and 8 AM (told you I had a hard time coping with that jetlag).

Bugsy Siegel’s famous Flamingo in the morning light
Las Vegas glmaour Bellaggio in the sunrise. In the back you can see a glimpse of Caesars’ Palace
The Strip in the early morning. On the right side, a pilar of Eiffel Tour replica.
The Strip doesn’t sleep. New hotels are built day and night.
Excalibur towers
Feels like you’re there. I mean, New York, New York!
We couldn’t miss the Statue Of Liberty, of course.
In case you forget where you are. Caesar’s Palace, of course.
Caesar’s Palace Forums Shops with the incredible artifical “sky” over it.
Is this guy really waving at me? Or at the slot machines?
Oh, I got it! It was about those ladies. Those Romans! Always after women. Pool time, I guess. 🙂

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