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If you want to download the Blog Audit WordPress plugin, click the link below.

Blog Audit Wordpress Plugin (6007 downloads )

Current version 0.1 beta.
License: GNU License

Disclaimer: this is beta software and it might contain bugs or incomplete functionality.

What Is Blog Audit?

Blog Audit is a WordPress plugin which helps you audit your blogging process. It does that by tracking 4 types of activities and match those activities with your blogging goals. The matched activities are:

  • posting speed
  • comment density
  • category distribution (goal setting functionality not yet included in the first release)
  • pingback volume

You can establish goals for each of these activities and Blog Audit will indicate if you reach them. Goals can be established in a variety of ways: per post, per day, per week or per month, depending on the specific activity. Please note that in the first release goal setting for category distribution is not yet included.


  • establishing blogging goals for posting speed, comment density, pingback volume
  • statistical data for posting speed, comment density, pingback volume
  • goal reaching indications
  • low memory footprint
  • low database impact (doesn’t use separate tables)
  • easy to use, just look at the tables 🙂


Donwload the file using the provided link above. Unzip it, you should end up with a file called blog-audit.php. Upload this file to the ‘plugins’ folder of your wordpress blog. After that, activate the plugin in the Plugins tab of your wordpress admin interface.


Blog Audit has been tested on WordPress 2.7 series, up to 2.7.1. If you have reports on other wordpress versions feel free to share them in the comments.

Blog Audit FAQ

Q. Where do I find the Main Screen?
A. Look for a menu entry called Blog Audit on the left column of your wordpress admin interface.

Q. Where do I find the Option Screen?
A. Look for a menu entry called Blog Audit in your Settings tab of your wordpress admin interface.

Q. Why did you wrote this plugin?
A. I needed a way to assess my blogging progress. I didn’t find anything similar so I wrote this as an internal blogging tool. It is shared in the hope that it will be useful.

Q. What are blogging goals?
A. Your writing style and your promotion efforts are influencing the way your blog behaves. Your overall traffic will be a function of those 4 parameters. By establishing goals for posting speed, for comments density and / or pingback volume you can evaluate how your efforts are impacting the blog and change your strategy accordingly.

Q. Why didn’t you inserted a traffic module in Blog Audit?
A. Traffic tracking is out of my initial scope. You can use your traffic tracking application of choice to see the impact of those 4 metrics.

Q. Is Blog Audit make my blog reach the no. 1 position on Alexa ranking?
A. Blog Audit will give an accurate image of the 4 metrics involved in your blog creation: posting speed, comment density, category distribution, pingback volume. It’s up to you to adjust your blogging in order to influence these metrics.

Q. Who are you?
A. Take a look at the about me page.

Q. I have a suggestion, what now?
A. Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Q. I found a bug, what now?
A. Leave a comment. At this stage, the plugin is in beta, so there are bugs.


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Blog Audit Main Screen
Blog Audit Main Screen
Blog Audit Options Screen
Blog Audit Options Screen

17 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin Blog Audit”

  1. Thanks for another first-rate article. I am always trying to find great WordPress tutorials to suggest to my clients. Thanks for posting this article. It’s exactly what I was searching for. Truly super post.

  2. I know it’s pulling information from mySQL database, I don’t have a lot of experience with sql, and since my blogaudit is stuck on may 2009 settings, know anywhere I can fix it so that I can use the plugin again? I would love to have it start fresh in 2010

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  5. I am not sure how to get a detailed bug report from the plugin page.

    It just seems like it stopped tracking details in May. I did have a problem with my blog I think in may. Just not sure how to get it working again. I can try and get the detailed report if I can figure it out.

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  7. Nice plugin, but it doesn’t just count posts on posting speed. It’s counting pages as well and I don’t know about you, but myself and most that I come across don’t use pages like we use posts. So counting pages is probably a bad idea. Though an option for it could be useful to some.

    Aside from that, listing each section vertically instead of in dual columns would probably be better for me, that along with using an alternating shaded background table for each section of stats. Would make it easier to read with a quick glance.


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