30 Sentences For A Millionaire Mindset – part two

Here we go with part two of the 30 sentences for a millionaire mindset series. If you come came here by chance, I recommend  that you start with theÂfirst post in the series, which covers the first ten sentences for a millionaire mindset. Just keep in mind that I don’t intend to create another manual of how to get rich, I am just sharing my personal experiences after 10 years of successful online business. Reading this  list can provide you with some food for thoughts, at least. And chances that you’ll get some valuable insights for your own goal toward becoming a millionaire are pretty high also, but remember that you are the only one who can really make that bank account to sky jump.

Without further ado, let’s continue the list:

11. Don’t think at problems, think at solutions

Often forgotten, as we have a natural tendency to insist upon the unpleasant things in our lives, instead upon things that could potentially make us happier. Getting out of the negativity that comes with the whole concept of “problems” and turning it into the whole new concept of “solutions” is in itself a big step in personal evolution, regardless of your intention to acquire a millionaire mindset.

12. Exercise your spending habits

That really means: get used to have a million dollars, if you’re going to have it at some point in your life. One simple exercise for that sentence is: pretend your 100 dollars bill that you’re going to spend today is in fact a one million dollar bill. How are you going to spend it? Do that three or four times and you’ll start seeing some patterns. From my experience, it’s better to identify those patterns before the actual million comes in.

13. Exercise your investing habits

Making money out of money by investing it is the next step once you’ve got enough to support your personal needs, and then a little more. Following the spending sentence above, making some dry tests for your investing capacities is a very interesting exercise. Where would you invest your first million of dollars? Try to invest first lower amounts (1000 to 5000 dollars for three months) and see what happens. It would get easier in time, but only if you exercise it first.

14. Spend as much as you really want, without starting to feel insecure

Spending money is one of your most powerful sources of guilt. If you continue to feel guilt after spending money, you’ll create powerful internal roadblocks on your way to your millionaire mindset. Your unconscious mind will tell you each time you’re closer to it: don’t get it, because I don’t want to feel guilt after you’ve spent it, you’re better off. Believe me, it works just like this.

15. Be disciplined in your work

Having a million dollars is usually a matter of getting together a million dollars. No, it’s not a mistake, and I’m not joking. If you’re not capable to sustain a disciplined flow of work, I really doubt it that you’ll be able to even count that million, you’ll probably stop somewhere around 100,000 or your first available Porsche. A million dollars is a serious business, so be serious about it.

16. Keep your promises

Always keep your promises. From my experience it is so much better not to commit to anything if you’re not sure you can deliver. If you start to make unsustainable promises expect for your million dollars to hide from you in the same way you hide from your commitments. You can’t really cheat a million dollars, baby, so you’d better watch your promises starting from now…

17. End your relationships clearly and in a transparent way

And that means with your employees, with your partners or any other types of relationships that can evolve into some kind of debt for you. Maybe at the time of ending, the debt was insignificant, but once you’ll have a million dollars, chances that everybody will remember (and insanely multiply) that debt are more over one hundred percent. Just take that as a fact.

18. Allow yourself to be depressed

But only in privacy… It’s a very human reaction to hard work, and you must go through it, sooner or later. Remember that you are not an average guy, you want to be a millionaire, (or at least to internalize a millionaire mindset) so you will not experience average emotions. Don’t fight depression, don’t escape it and don’t hide it,  it’s normal, so take it to the full, but in privacy. And once recovered, forget it and start clean.

19. Get plenty of sleep

It’s so easy to get caught in the workaholic club, believe me. Just don’t do it, and imagine your sleep is your mistake insurance. Most of the time mistakes like missed opportunities, misjudgment of peoples or  relations are a result of a very mundane state of tiredness. Don’t even think to make an important choice if you missed some sleep the other night. It’s just easier this way.

20. Create value

From my experience, creating genuine value out of your skills is by far the most successful way to attract large amounts of money. There are plenty of other ways, I agree, but it will be so much difficult –  or hard to predict the desired outcome. You can wait to inherit a million dollars for instance, but I’m really not that sure it will happen soon. Creating value, on the other hand, just works.

That is for today, will finish this list in the tomorrow post. As usual, feel free to comment on this one.

Later edit: Now you can get the ebook based on this blog post:

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