How To Create An Online Commnity – The Make Money Part

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In the last article I described the process of creating an online community – namely the one around the Open Connect event. As of today, I started an experiment in monetizing this community. I’m going to share the entire process here. I don’t yet know if this experiment is going to be successful or not, […]

How To Build An Online Community

What follows is a rather detailed breakdown of one of my most rewarding experiences as a digital nomad: namely, creating a real life community behind the Open Connect concept. If you want to know how to transform a personal, enriching experience, into a social experiment, if you love working from coffee shops or if you […]

I’m Not Doing Much Lately, I Mostly Am

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When people were asking me what I do for a living, I used to give this answer: “Well, I do whatever I can to avoid a 9 to 5 job”. In other words, I used to be an entrepreneur, trying to put my ideas into practice while still being the master of my own time. […]

Being A Digital Nomad – The Book

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As promised, we’re launching today. Being A Digital Nomad, the book, is finally available. This is my 9th book, and one that is very dear to me. It started as a side project a few months ago, based on the fact that I was constantly living as a digital nomad, but, mind you, nobody seemed […]

WPSumo March Promo Codes

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As many of you know, one of the businesses I’m building is about WordPress themes and it lives under the name of WPSumo. I call this WPSumo mega-theme (because it’s a mega-theme) a framework, because it gives much more functionality than just a plain theme. As a matter of fact, WPSumo is in itself a […]

Lahmacuns, Apologies And Recurring Business

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According to Wikipedia, a lahmacun is “a round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat (most commonly beef and lamb) and minced vegetables and herbs including onions, tomatoes and parsley, then baked.” It’s quite tasty. Although I’ve been living for more than 40 years at the gates of the Orient, in Bucharest, that is, […]

2012 – The Aftermath

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I know I already sketched the most important things I did in 2012, but, following the tradition on this post I’ll do an aftermath too. Technically, this post is written in the last hours of 2012, but I decided to publish it in the very first hour of 2013, for beauty reasons. It just looks […]

The Rainforest Of Youth And The Machete Consequences

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A few months ago I started a networking event, called OpenConnect. One interesting thing about those networking events is that, if you do your job correctly, you end up with a lot of people attending. Which is kinda the whole idea of a networking event, of course. But yet another interesting thing about a popular […]

Open Connect – 14 Events Later

I hate being stuck. I hate being stuck in traffic, I hate being stuck in a job (or a project) I don’t like and, most of all, I hate being stuck in an unfulfilling relationship. Yet, that’s what happened during the last years. Well, almost all of them. I was stuck in a personal situation […]

WPSumo August Promo Code

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It’s been an unusually hot summer here this year. So hot, that I could barely keep my head around my work. There was always this gentle temptation to leave everything behind and let somebody else do my job. But I couldn’t. Part of it was the fact that I enjoy what I do way too […]

How To Self Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore – the PDF Version

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As of today, the Kindle exclusivity – required by the enrollment in the Kindle Select program – is over. Which means that the book “How To Self-Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore” is available as a PDF download too. [Later update: it was just approved as an iBook too in iBookStore] For those of you […]

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