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Which programming language are you?

Well, I’ve been writing PHP code for about 9 years now, back from its 3rd version – and I was one of the beta-testers for PHP 4.0 – but according to this test it seems that I am no longer a PHP fella, but an assembler guy. Never wrote a single line of assembling in my entire life, I swear 🙂 I did had my intentions, when I was much younger, when 4 Megabytes of RAM were at the same price as a luxury car, and the faster processors were called Z80. I am quite satisfied with my PHP status, but this open up a lot of new opportunities 🙂

You are Assembly. You enjoy your work, and enjoy doing it as fast as you can.  You ahve a hard time getting attention.  Try showing off a bit more.
Take the test for yourself: Which Programming Language are You?

Via Brett Kelly.

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