Why Going To New Zealand

Once my business completely sold and after all the other assets will be transformed into money, we will move to a new country, New Zealand. This announce made quite a bit of shock among my current circle of friends, business partners and relatives. For those of you who don’t know, New Zealand is almost exactly under Romania, the Eastern European country in which I was born and lived up to my 37th year. Basically, if you put a long enough sting into an Earth scholar globe, and start from Bucharest, it will go out exactly from the Auckland, New Zealand, the other side of the planet. I guess it’s more than 180 degrees of change, if you know what I mean… So the surprise and shock were understandable to some point.

Most of the people were puzzled by the size of all the involved changes and, most of the time unconsciously, made the assumption that the decision was a sort of escape, a “take the money and run” attitude, in which we try to move from a difficult country as far as possible. Living in Romania is hard these days, it’s an evolving country, and its evolution is accelerated. There is an incredible diversity of attitudes and people, from the consumerism and deception, to spirituality and compassion. The proportion of these ingredients varies drastically though, and this mix makes up for some pretty interesting rollercoaster. I was living here all my life, and for the last 10 years as an entrepreneur. It’s not easy, and I know a lot of people who got really sick and tired of all the moral problems like corruption, deceptive politics, economical instability, and ran as far as possible from them.

Well, is not my case. I know it’s difficult to live in Romania, but I’m not going away because of that. From some very practical approach, living in a new country, whatever country that might be, is far more difficult than living in a country you do know for more than 30 years. The main point is that I’m doing it out of intention, not out of reaction. This is a very important difference and I will try to make it as clear as I can below.

Whenever you do something out of reaction, you are just perpetuating the initial stimulus. Even if your reaction was so powerful that completely diestroyed the whole situation, including the stimulus, at a very subtle level, you are working with other’s energies, not with yours. Even if you won some war, by reacting to the attack you participated in it, and then made the game of the opponent, not your game…, You are the toy of the initial stimulus. If you are running from corruption because it makes you sick, you are making room for it, you are in their game, not in yours. This “act by reaction” attitude is very well described in “The Secret” (by now everybody has seen “The Secret”, I guess). Because it’s part of the Law Of Attraction: if you are putting yourself in a vibration that doesn’t match your desires, but other people desires, so you will not get what you want.

When doing something out of intention, things are completely different. You are putting up your energies, and you begin to create your own harmony and vibrational environment. It’s your game now. If you want to start a new life because you know that getting out of the comfort zone is the only way to grow and evolve, then you are not doing something by reaction, you are intending something. And your intention will be followed by a response from the Universe, and a new game will be born. It’s always like this, and again, “The Secret” puts this very well. What I really want to achieve with this change is to play a better game of life, to know more, to live more and to experience more. Just to be clear, I’m living a very decent life here in Romania, but I just want something more and new. And maybe now it’s time to tell that we, me and my wife Diana, took this decision almost 2 years ago. We didn’t made it public because we thought it would not be good for the business. Looking at the things now, I guess we could have made it public as well, and the impact on the business wouldn’t be as big as we imagined.

There were some things we considered though when we decided to go to New Zealand. First of all, New Zealand wasn’t the only shortlisted country. We thought to Norway too, and played a little bit with the idea of an extreme asian country like Japan, but not for long. The finalists were Norway and New Zealand and the things we considered were, more or less, what’s in this list:

– general economic level
– climate
– education
– language (english preferred, of course)
– financial opportunities

As far as we learned, Norway and New Zealand share the “mountains and ocean” geography but Norway has a little bit of Polar Circle inferences, like the duration of the day and night, and so on. The general economic level seemed higher in Norway and half of the people in Norway are speaking English anyway. The education system seemed more complex in Norway but with good points in New Zealand too. But when we come to financial opportunities, New Zealand was the winner. The NZ dollar – although pretty strong in the last few years – is half of the EURO, which will be pretty good for an European immigrant. The house prices and general life costs are far lower in New Zealand then in any other country we would want to live in. In our terms, that means the economical context could give us some time to prepare, to know more and to adjust before we would have to completely be in that new system, as full citizens.

My other intention, which is somehow blended into this country shift, is to focus on this blog. Having dragosroua.com as my personal development blog was a real blessing for me in the last 2 years. It was the project I loved most, and I had quite a few in these 2 years. But the priorities were already set and I had to sacrifice a lot of time and energy for the official company, Mirabilis Media, the publishing company who had the most important car and gastronomy portals in Romania. But now, as I already told you, I am free to dedicate as much time and energy I want to this project, and I will surely do it.

Having a blog about personal development could be more than a decent day job, as far as I learned in the last 2 years. I have around 150 posts right now on edragonu and that number is enough to give me some rough estimate about what edragonu could be in the next months, with the proper planning, development and daily writing routine. I intend to make this a business? Hell, yes! I was 10 years entrepreneur, those things are not so easy to forget. I will do it in the same way as with my former publishing company? Well, I guess not. I do intend to change the main approach of the business, It’s early to talk about it, but it would be more opened and honest than a publishing company. There are a lot of things to be started, there is a lot of behind the curtain work, but it’s something that makes me happy. I’m excited and focused at the same time, which is quite interesting, if you ask me.

In the meantime, I will visit New Zealand between 12th and 22th September this year. It’s my first visit there and I will try as hard as I can not to make any big expectations out of it. I go there to see for myself and to try to smooth the financial part of the moving. I will be probably shopping around for a house and I will have a look at some schools and neighborhoods, but most of all, I would try to have fun. I will try to get the feeling of it, to see if I’m really vibrating with that space and community. After I am back, late September, we will be managing what we had left to be managed, and then we expect to move in full team during first half of November. Time will tell if I’m right.

Oh, and now a somehow funny thing: I will be changing my time zone too. The difference between Bucharest and Auckland is 10/11 hours depending on the summer time, in advance. Which means when in Bucharest is 13:00 in Auckland is 23:00 or 24:00, the same day. It’s pretty strange to think in those terms, especially for a person who didn’t travel intensively, and who wasn’t forced to always look up the time zone every day. Living in advance is another major change that I will undertake, and it can only add to my feelings of total forward shift of my life. It’s like I’m pushed 13 hours ahead of my life, like somebody is trying to tell me: ok, time to rush a little bit now, time to live a new life, ahead of your old one…

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  2. Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

    China is fascinating! I’d love to step by in the near future and I will definitely let you know and try to meet. You had a lot of courage going there an I bet you’re also enjoying a lot of benefits out of this. On the personal development side, and not only.

    I had a 4 hours stop on Bangkok when I visited New Zealand in September and I was also impressed, Thailand is a country that I know I’ll visit soon.

    Have a nice chinese day 🙂

  3. Don’t worry. Moving to a new country is not such a big deal as it may seem. Especially considering that you move to a country with a similar culture (NZ is still a “western country” even though it’s in the far east) and with a language that you can speak.

    I moved from Romania to China more than one year ago. I knew nothing about China before and I was surprised that here most people can’t understand basic English. It has been frustrating many times (imagine it took me weeks before I got comfortable with things as basic as ordering food in a restaurant!), but I learned a lot about China, people and life in general.
    Next year the plan is to move to Thailand. Another culture, another language and of course more challenges.

    Now that you achieved financial independence, the biggest obstacle people face when moving is gone! The rest is only about your willingness to move and to accept other people that might be different from what you are used to.

    PS: if you think a direct flight to NZ is too tiring, you can stop in Beijing for a couple of days! 😉

  4. You did good,,,, NZ is by far the most business immigration friendly. In the middle of the trip down there, just remember to drop bye to take a peek at the “next level up”;-).
    How long it will take to get the citizenship?

    ps. Rumors are, they’ll even provide you with a job,,,, they’ll paint you in black and you have to chase after these little midgets called “hobbits” ,,,,
    Hai bafta!

  5. @Pascal: thank you, not only for these kind words, but for all your support, especially during my not do good periods

    @Robin: really glad to hear that, thank you 🙂


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