Astrology and personal development

Admit it: you are intrigued. You’re not using it, nor give any credit to it at all, and still some strange voices are telling you from time to time to take astrology seriously. You don’t take it, to be honest, and this is more than OK. After all, everything in our lives it’s a matter of choice. But that doesn’t necessarily means that astrology is useless. My own experience with astrology proved even the opposite, as a matter of fact.

Yes, good idea, let’s talk about the facts. I used astrology in its lowest form and level of perception, in the form of daily horoscopes, when I worked in the FM radio stations as a fulltime DJ. I had to fill my program with some informations, and horoscopes were – and still are – one of the most used. And abused, I will say, because there is nothing more wrong about the astrology than the daily horoscopes.

But I found out that the hard way, years later. When I engaged a more conscious way of living my life, I decided to try it out for real. It must be something beyond daily horoscopes and stupid predictions, I said at some point. So I started to study by myself. I read several books and subscribed to several popular astrology websites. I learned to use astrology software and use it on a daily basis. I studied the planet movements, the transgressions, the planetary hours and the cycles of days, weeks, months and astrological signs. Things has started to progress nicely. Not only I began to realise that my image about astrology was completely wrong, but I also learned to use it in a systematic way. I even followed the official course from an astrology school in Romania, called Fidelia.

To make a long story short, after two years of constantly experiencing it I becomed an intermediate to advanced astrologer. Now I master enough of that science for actually getting something out of it. And the term “science” is a little bit exagerated, I admit. Astrology is not a science in “normal” way. It involves a lot of emotional and spiritual participation, things that traditional science has avoided constantly. But I was not interested in its legitimity – I can make my own decision about things and not wait for others to tell me if this thing is legit or not – what I was really interested in, was its use. How can I use astrology for personal development?

And, first of all, why use it?

Because it works. it’s as simple like that, it just works. Once you learn to use it, you’ll have a huge shift in perspective. Let’s say you have several levels of perceptions for the people around you: their age, their skills, their education, their qualities. You know all of that and by combining those pieces together you have a usable “handle” for those people.

But lets’ say you can add to those levels several other levels, which contains informations from an astrological standpoint. Like: he’s an Earth or a Water sign? His rising sign it’s an Air or a Fire sign? That person is over 30? Then he must becomed his rising sign by now. His Moon is in the third or the first house? Does he have any retrograde planets? Don’t worry if all that sounds gibberish now. It’s not. It’s just different. So, if you can add to your already working system several layers of comprehension, that person will be miles closer to you than before. You will know so much about that person, and you will engage each and every contact in a different, more productive way.

Imagine what you can do for yourself with that. Imagine if you could find some hints about your own purpose on this earth. About your strength and weaknesses, about your possible partners. About your most appropriate partners. About your most profitable career. About your zones of excellence and mediocrity. About your important milestones in your life. You will have less time to lose, and more time to win. At least that.

If we come this far, let’s see how to use it?

Use it with caution. After my rather enthousiastical introduction this must seem awkward. Well, it’s not: just use it with caution. Astrology does not have all the answers for your life, it may only have some serious hints and potentialities. Don’t overhype it, you will just lose its core values. Astrology gives the best when it’s used in moderation.

Here are some normal, regular usages of the astrology, regardless of the native sign or your rising sign:

  1. Follow the Moon phases closely. There are some pretty simple rules: when the Moon it’s rising (after new moon) anything you just start has more chances to succeed. When the Moon it’s falling (after full moon) your chances of starting something from scratch are lower. It’s an energy circuit, nothing so magical that you could not understand. Try it for yourself, note your behaviours and activities during various Moon phases and see what were the succesfull ones when in various phases on the Moon.
  2. Be aware of the zodiac sign the Sun is in (meaning the current sign): if in Scorpio, the tansformations of all kind will be sustained, if in Libra, the humanitarian goals will have a great advance, if in Virgo, you must bet that the need for exact timing and polite conversations will overcome any other type of activity. Each sign puts a specific vibration on your regular environment. And you have the tools to feel, understand and process those vibrations. Every human being has those tools but it’s only after a conscious training that you come to manage those tools correctly. And even if you don’t want to train your tools, you can always ask for specialized advice. Just admit that each specific period of the year is more suitable for a specific set of behaviours and activities, and you have made a great step forward…
  3. Try to follow the planets that are retrogrades at a specific moment. When a planet is retrograde, the forces that it represents are acting in strange ways. Some examples:
  • Mars retrograde: energy is low or directed in strange ways, an overall feeling of not doing it completely…
  • Venus retrograde: relationships of all kind has something to suffer, depending on the sign in which Venus retrograde the relations can be totally disrupted or seriously challenged
  • Jupiter retrograde: your luck is going away, anything that might come out right under normal circumstances, will not come right now
  • Mercury retrograde: any commercial or money related activity will have lower chance to succeed

And so on, and so forth… There are a lot of specialized resources on the net, I just wanted to point some normal, not so savvy, usages for the astrology in your day to day operations…

Another thing that you must take into consideration is the larger planet cycles. Jupiter makes a complete cycle on about 12 years. Saturn, in around 28-32. Each cycle means that this specific planet will come over your natal point, and that will trigger some specific energies.

For instance, the jupiterian cycle is a cycle of wealth and expansion. Be aware that wealth and expansion are not associated with values, are only wealth and expansion, If you will experience bad values at that time, like poverty or pessimism, the jupiterian cycle will just amplify them. Saturn, which is considered to be “the teacher of the zodiac” makes a complete cycle in about 28-32 years. After the first cycle of Saturn you become your rising sign. Meaning you will completely understand your natal sign values and goals, and start to use your rising sign values in order to attain those goals. Around 30 years almost each person have a specific and, most of the time, critical, change in his life. It’s normal and you don’t have to suffer from that. You are just in the middle of a very dificult test from Saturn. If you pass this test, on the next Saturn cycle, around 60 years, you will experince your true life fulfillment.

As you may see, we are so far away from the daily horoscopes that are just plain garbage. If you give to this system the credit of an alternative way of describing the world, you can only have something to win from. If you are not satisfied, you can always go back to your traditional values. But what you will experience, in terms of life challenges and achievements, will be the same, however, wheather you believe in astrology or not. Knowing a little more, and giving some credit to it, will just make you ready. And being ready is good.

Using astrology for personal development has many ways. If you are interested, I will write in more detail lately, because I feel I just scratched the surface with this post. On the technical side, there are plenty of details to talk about, but there are more specialized resources on the net. One of the most usable is I highly recommend it for its simplicity in usage.

One final suggestion: don’t become a master, unless you feel a true call for this. Astrology is a difficult path. Don’t go for that unless you truly feel that you are there. Otherwise you will just add to your deception, and that’s not good, isn’t it?

And now, for the final word: keep in mind that no matter what life program you have established for your terrestrial existence, no matter how you understand it from the astrology now, you will always have your free will. You can always chose. You can chose to fulfill your destiny, or just to procrastinate on that.

Astrology is not the key to the Universe. You are.

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