At some point in my life, I ran a coworking business. Part of it consisted in renting the venue for events. You may be surprised, but a coworking business usually gets more than 30% of its income from events, sometimes up to 50%. One day, I received a request for quote for quite a big … Read more

A Flea Market

a flea market

Right in front of the coffee shop I’m working these days there’s a flea market. It runs only twice a week, so I had no idea how it looks, until today – because today is one of those two days a week when it’s allowed, and, on top of that, those Covid restrictions which canceled … Read more

Getting Things Done

getting things done

Today was a mixed day. There’s less than half an hour until it ends, and I still didn’t publish my daily article, so I’m rushing it a little. I know it won’t be a spectacular blog post. It may not even be read by anyone, and that’s ok. It’s still part of my 365 days … Read more