The Theory Of Truth

One year ago, if you would say that Covid-19 was artificial, man-made and leaked from a laboratory in China, you would have been labelled as a conspiracist.

A “theory of conspiracy” supporter.

Well, reality has this weird habit of contradicting our labels. It so happens that today, as opposed to one year ago, a lot of people tend to believe that the origin of the virus may have some links with human related activities. We’re still very far from a clear “yes” or “no”, but there is some doubt.

And that made me think: what if “conspiracy theory” is not really conspiracy theory? What if people who may have different opinions are not aliens, enemies, idiots, stupid people and, just, you know, people who just have different opinions? Like when you taste an onion, and, for you, the onion is really strong and you almost have tears in yours eyes, but for other people is just some mild action? It’s just different and it’s ok to be different?

There is this joke going on: “what’s the difference between conspiracy theory and truth” ? The answer: “between 6 and 12 months”.

One year ago, you would have been the enemy of the world because thinking differently. Today, I don’t know, man, you may be on to something.

So, instead of claiming that we know the Truth, it might be more appropriate to claim that we are adepts of the Theory Of Truth.

Which is just another theory.

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