The Martin Eden Effect

One of my favorite books, as a teenager, was Martin Eden, by Jack London. I’m sure many of you heard about it, and perhaps some of you even read it. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my top 10 books right now – people do change, to some extent – but it’s still a nice […]

How To Write A Successful eBook, Get A Publisher Deal, Reach #2 In AppStore – The Quick And Easy Guide

Posted on Aug 3, 2012 in Personal DevelopmentSuccess & Wellness by

First and foremost, I have to tell you that this article has more than 2000 words. So, if you’re after the “quick and easy guide on how to write a successful ebook”, well, you’re in the wrong place. It’s not gonna be even remotely “quick”, and I have my doubts about “easy”. Sorry about the […]

I’m Famous And Shit

Posted on Jul 17, 2012 in Personal DevelopmentSuccess & Wellness by

Hot evening in Bucharest. I’m at a milonga – a party where people dance tango – organized by my tango school. I started to learn 5 months ago, and I confess it took me a lot of courage to attend to a milonga, let aside to actually dance. If you ever attended to a milonga, […]

How To Be Successful In 51 Easy Peasy Steps

Posted on Jun 18, 2012 in Personal DevelopmentSuccess & Wellness by

To be honest, I thought a lot if I should publish this blog post or not. It’s the cornerstone of my work as a blogger, entrepreneur and, generally speaking, nice fella. The problem is that we’re talking about a system so good, so polished and so effective, that it will most likely blow off your […]

5 Things F.C. Barcelona Can Teach You About Success

I’m a man, so I like soccer. Don’t even try to challenge this affirmation, it’s hard wired in my genes. Just like women are born with the natural ability to give birth and nurture their children, men are born with the soccer gene in their DNA. It’s just the way it is. But I’m not […]

Why We Screw Things up

You’re not gonna believe me, but the only reason we screw things up is because we want to. Even more, we screw things up because we’re deeply convinced this is what we have to do. Breathe in, sit down and relax. You’re going to read something very difficult to accept. The Early Conditioning From the […]

Brilliantly Better – The Ebook

Last Friday I launched – in soft mode – my latest ebook, Brilliantly Better. During the last 48 hours anyone interested in getting it had the chance to buy it at a discounted price, 9.99 USD. As of now, the price of the ebook is at the normal level, meaning 16.99 USD. Also, a few […]

From Competition To Connection

I used to think that my company, Mirabilis Media, (the one I created when I was 30 year old and sold it 10 years after, for quite some money), was one of my biggest achievements. Honestly, I don’t think that way anymore. It was an achievement, but I start to doubt that it was my […]

Can You Solve The Puzzle Of Your Life?

Posted on Apr 28, 2010 in Personal Development by

As Bianca, my 4 year old daughter, started to better understand images and shapes, as she started to talk more and to understand more, we slowly started to play more complicated games. Lately, she seems to develop a rather strong appeal for puzzle games. We solve at least one puzzle almost every day. We started […]

A Guide To Pursue Your Passion With Success: 14 Essential Steps

What follows is a guest post by my friend Celestine Chua, @celestinechua. This is a great opportunity to be writing a guest post at I’ve known Dragos for over a year now, back when we first started actively growing our blogs. It’s amazing to see how everything has evolved since then. In just a […]

How to Deal With Rejection: 5 Fresh Ways to Look at Getting Rejected

Posted on Apr 5, 2010 in Relationships & Society by

This is a guest post from my friend Henri Junttila, @henrijunttila. Learning how to deal with rejection is tough. Depending on how you get rejected and what for, it may hurt a lot or it may hurt a little. I’m a big believer in the fact that we create our own reality. Why do you […]

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