I’ve always been fascinated about who made the things you attract through the Law Of Attraction.

Law Of Attraction states you attract into your life whatever holds a similar vibration with your vibration. And I can confirm from my personal experience that this is all true. But from where do you attract that? Who did those things? Who are those persons you attract? Who made that car of your dreams? The house you want? How the person of your heart become that person?

In all Law Of Attraction descriptions I saw so far, behind this stuff is “the Universe”. Hold an abundance mindset and the Universe will obey. Hold a good vibe and you’ll attract good vibes from the Universe. Be kind and the Universe will respond in kind.

But who’s the Universe, after all? That was something that was on my mind for some time now.

The Attraction Process

Several weeks ago I intended to get more involved more in the local (meaning Romanian) entrepreneurship community. I felt the need to be part of other online projects, or to create something from scratch, this time more like an investor than an entrepreneur. I haven’t had any idea about how I was going to do that. I didn’t even know if there was a local entrepreneurship community which could help me manifest my intention.

At that time, while reading my twitter timeline, a bunch of tweets about an open weekly event drawn my attention. The event was called OpenCoffee and seemed like something that I could use. It was a weekly open gathering in which people were presenting online projects. I knew that those tweets were suddenly visible for me because I took some action to support my intention. And I knew that the event was exactly what I searched for.

I attended a few times and in a matter of weeks I found some interesting people with great ideas and skills. I’m still in the process of clarifying what I am going to do, but the process of getting involved in the entrepreneurship community is already started. The attraction process was completed.

Somebody Created That

Now back to our post subject: OpenCoffee was there before me. Somebody else made that event. Some people gathered together and started a thing for young entrepreneurs. It was already there. All I did was to attract it.

Most of the things we want are already there. Somebody else created them before. We’re only attracting them. I consider this to be one of my most important discoveries in regard with Law Of Attraction. Why? Because it drastically shifts my focus from an abstract concept of the Universe to a more practical and in-the-moment concept of human powered reality.

We live in a world of creation. We, people, mastered the art of modifying our environment in an unprecedented way. We create. We give birth to thousands of worlds each day. We’re aggregating distinct pieces of information and matter and put them in incredible forms of living energy. And all of these things we create are there not only for us but for everybody who wants them.

You Create For Others

If you create something beautiful for yourself chances are that somebody else will attract your thing too. If you do something good for yourself, chances are that you will increase the overall vibration of good stuff on a larger scale. Somebody else will feel that too. We’re not isolated and the Universe is not a black box from which we extract our happiness. We’re connected in an ocean of interactions and we create with every word and action.

Sure, it is very important to hold good intentions, to change your thoughts and visualize your goals. But in the process, you are also creating your own life as you go. And what you actually do – besides visualizing and changing your thoughts – has an equal impact to the reality. Because it is a part of the reality. What you do is on the same level with what you think. The creative process is taking place at all levels.

Everything we do has a purpose, everything. And everything we want has a correspondence somewhere. Somebody else had this vibration before, created something and now you will attract that something. If you’re waiting for the person of your dreams, you’ll find that her dreams were about you too. If you’re waiting for the house of your dream, you’ll find that somebody else had the same dream about building that house.

The Choice

You can create both good and bad things, with the same ease. This is entirely your choice. Your creativity is not bounded in any way. You have unlimited power and you can use it as you see fit: you can create good or bad things. But according to the Law Of Attraction, your bad creation will be attracted at some point by other people who hold bad vibrations, the same way like your good creation will be attracted by somebody who holds a good vibration. It’s a huge magnetic field which doesn’t give much about our concepts of good or bad. Whatever vibration you hold, that you will attract. And what you attract must be there before, must be created by somebody else.

If you chose to create only a certain type of things, you will automatically discard the other type. It’s simple arithmetic. If you populate your reality with good stuff, you will create more matches for other people’s good vibrations. If you chose to create lower vibrations stuff, you will feed goals and expectations of people with lower vibrations. And that’s fantastic, you know? Because it proves it’s in your power to increase or decrease the good vibrations around you. If you chose only good stuff, you’ll feed only good people’s intentions.

Well, you may not notice this instantly, you may still encounter a lot of low vibrations people in your life, but the creative process is already started. Sooner or later, the balance will incline. Sooner or later, the amount of good stuff you created will start to feed other people’s desires and that will eventually leave no room for bad things.

I know this sounds pretty simplistic and I also know we may have very different moral concepts of good or bad. Those are just technical terms used to model and describe a process which does not have any moral characteristic. The attraction will occur without a moral filter: if you hold a certain type of vibration, you will attract that type of reality regardless of its moral code. Good or bad are used here only as contrasting items, I could have used as well black and white.

Leveling Up

The implications of the creative process, as subtle as they may seem at a first glance, are fundamental. Because everything is falling into places, creating a bigger and more congruent picture around what we called so far the Universe.

If you have a personal mission and believe in it with all your heart, then do it. Follow your dreams, because they’re part of something bigger than you. Somebody else will need what you do. Don’t run for a walked path, walk your own. In the process of creating your own path, you will also create things that somebody else wants. You may not even know that there is such a person. You may not even find out if what you did had an impact on somebody else. All you can do is to focus on giving your best.

I don’t really know you, the reader. I don’t know your dreams, your goals, what makes you happy. But I write this as if I would. I share this experience like we’re already friends. Like I know you will need some answers about Law Of Attraction sometimes. All I do is write my answers for you.

And you, in turn, without knowing me, could do something that will fundamentally benefit me. I don’t know how and what, all I know is that if you’re following your dreams and create something from your heart, it will reach me at some point. Some desire of mine will be fulfilled at some point by something you did.

And this puts us all on the same level. We’re both builders and users. We’re building dreams and using realities.

The Universe is just us. Every bit of us.