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Being A Digital Nomad – The Book

As promised, we’re launching today. Being A Digital Nomad, the book, is finally available. This is my 9th book, and one that is very dear to me. It started as a side project a few months ago, based on the fact that I was constantly living as a digital nomad, but, mind you, nobody seemed to understand what a digital nomad is. So, I started to sketch the table of contents, just to be able to let other people know how I lived. Also, I started to write at least two days per week.

Time passed by and other projects took on. The book had to be put aside for a while. And then a few months passed by. And then nothing happened. Somehow, it looked that this project was stalled.

So, I decided I need an incentive, or something bigger than an incentive, something that will actually force me into finishing this book. So I started an Indiegogo campaign. I got 15 bakers, and raised $245. Even if I had only one donor, that would have been enough of an incentive for me to write the book. So, in a way, Indiegogo worked. Because there were 15 people waiting for the book to be written, I forced myself into work, and delivered.

If you read my blog constantly, then you know the main themes of the book. But if you’re not a regular reader, here’s what you may find in this book:

  • what is a digital nomad, definitions, advantages of this lifestyle and pitfalls
  • the answer to the question: “is this lifestyle sustainable?”
  • living off the grid: what does it mean, what are the reasons and what benefits, if any, you may have
  • surviving in this world, or the business part of it, including a few examples of product formats
  • productivity techniques
  • motivation techniques
  • a new approach to delivering value: 6 degrees of integration (based on the famous axiom that you can reach to any person in this world, by only 6 steps, a.k.a “6 degrees of separation”
  • and last, but not least, the story of Open Connect, the event I started nine months ago in my favorite “office. A Starbucks, that is.

The book is instantly available as a PDF, you can get it for $5.99 by clicking


or on the image below. Printed, Kindle and iBookStore versions will follow soon. For all the Indiegogo bakers who took the “printed” perk, it will take a few more days until I’ll get my hands on the printed version. For those who got the “online” perk, watch your inbox, a copy of the book it will be on its way for it today.

Enjoy 🙂

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