3 Digital Nomad Friendly Debit Cards Compared: Revolut, TransferWise And Wirex

Being a digital nomad comes at a cost. And no, I’m not talking about a theoretical, psychological cost, but about a very earthy one: a financial cost. In order to move freely from one place to another, to function in different cultures and setups, you need, simply put, money. But even more than that, you … Read more

10 Simple Habits That Will Greatly Improve Your Financial Discipline

financial discipline

Financial discipline is the most underrated, ignored and, at the same time, extremely useful trait that one can develop. Because, you see, there is a big tension on both these words: “financial” and “discipline”. One one side, when it comes to “financial”, or money, or, to be more precise, spending money, the outside pressure is … Read more

Three Ways to Set Wellness Goals to Improve Employee Performance

This is a guest post by Ben Branson Heat and pressure can turn a lump of graphite into a diamond—or crush it completely.  Change graphite into ‘employee’ and heat/pressure into ‘stress’ in the previous sentence and you have the two extremes of the typical workplace. Some workplace stress benefits both employee and employer—it helps keep … Read more