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From Competition To Connection

I used to think that my company, Mirabilis Media, (the one I created when I was 30 year old and sold it 10 years after, for quite some money), was one of my biggest achievements. Honestly, I don’t think that way anymore. It was an achievement, but I start to doubt that it was my […]

Unleash Your Confidence – Vlad Dolezal Interview

Posted on Mar 12, 2011 in Digital ToolsSuccess & Wellness by

A year ago I read a blog post on Tim Brownson‘s blog in which he was making some recommendations for other bloggers. One of them was Vlad Dolezal. I started to follow the guy on Twitter and liked its stuff. No non-sense personal development and even more, a touch of humor in every single post. […]

You Steal My Jacket? Blood In Your Face!

When I was younger, I had a little bit of a restless life. I had what the vast majority of people knows as “a lot of fun”. Which translated in drinking 5 days out of 7 each week, the rest of 2 being reserved to women. Sometimes the ratio being drastically reversed in favor of […]

How Goal Setting Works (For Me)

Goals are just milestones. Places where you stop for a while and enjoy the scenery. The trip is what gives you the ultimate thrill, and it will always be like this. But, as interesting as the trip may be, goals have their own importance. They can either add more awesomeness to the mix or make […]

What Is Rich and Happy

Posted on Oct 21, 2010 in Success & Wellness by

This is a guest post by Tim Brownson, @timbrownson. Writing a book entitled ‘How To Be Rich and Happy‘ means rather unsurprisingly I regularly get asked by interviewers, “What is rich and happy?” and I always respond by saying, “I have absolutely no idea”. As you can imagine, that is seldom the answer the person […]

Affiliate Marketing For Beginnners – The Basics

Posted on Aug 10, 2010 in BusinessMoney & WealthSuccess & Wellness by

When I published my post on how to make money with a blog by building reputation, many comments were pointing the fact that affiliate marketing wasn’t very obvious on my blog, although it accounts for more than 70% of my blog revenue. Well, it doesn’t need to be obvious in order to work. On the […]

50 Ways To Start Fresh

Posted on Jul 10, 2010 in Personal DevelopmentSuccess & Wellness by

Defeat. Boredom. Lack of meaning in your life. All these symptoms, and many others, of course, are a sign that you need to start fresh. To run again. To leave the old behind and embrace the new. Te ignite a new spark that will light a new life, with a deeper meaning, broader experience and […]

The Creative Life – Play Your Way to Success

Posted on Jun 7, 2010 in motivationSuccess & Wellness by

This is a guest post by Mars Dorian, @marsdorian. Have you recently looked into the eyes of a child ? There’s a shimmer that doesn’t come from this world. A sparkle of pure potential. It’s magic, and it can only be experienced. But as we grow older, we tend to lose it. Why ? I’m […]

The Secret from My 3rd Grade

Posted on May 28, 2010 in motivationSuccess & Wellness by

When I was a kid I was very relaxed. And I mean in school. I never worried too much about it, yet I managed to get the highest grades in my class. Even my teachers were aware about my apparent passivity and they “blamed” my success on my natural skills: a fantastic memory, they said. […]

A Guide To Pursue Your Passion With Success: 14 Essential Steps

What follows is a guest post by my friend Celestine Chua, @celestinechua. This is a great opportunity to be writing a guest post at I’ve known Dragos for over a year now, back when we first started actively growing our blogs. It’s amazing to see how everything has evolved since then. In just a […]

How To Invest In Yourself (And Why)

Two years ago I sold my first company, a venture in which I invested all my energy and time for more than a decade. The assets I already owned combined with the value of the transaction put me in the position to be evaluated at over 1 million dollars. In our current society, focused so […]

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