2021 Monthly Recap – August

August was a very productive month. Not necessarily in terms of writing, although I consistently wrote abut the base topics on this blog, but mostly in terms of how life unfolded after I settled in. During August I decided to register for my first marathon since Covid-19 clusterfuck turned the world upside down, the Lisbon one, in October. Of course, in August I started to train again, and even wrote a little something about honest beginnings, and honest endings.

Interestingly enough, August was a month in which the dominant topic was risk. Whether it was about Basic Risk Reward Analysis, or Low Risk, Low Reward, versus High Risk, High Reward, or even the need for A Damage Control Guy, risk analysis seemed to be a lot of my mind during that month. It’s one of the benefits of a year long challenge: you have time to stay with a problem long enough to understand it, and even to solve it. Not to mention that by writing it, you will always have it available, all you have to do is to peruse the archives.

The second most present topic during August was the social transformation that was enfolding at full speed, again, based on the Covid-19 clusterfuck. I wrote about The Rise Of The Continuous Conflict Age, The Flat Earth Theory, as well as about How To Talk To A Hypnotized Person – The Short, But Very Useful Guide.

If I would have to define August in a single word, it would be “grip”. If I would have to define it in a longer sentence, it would be: “increasing adherence and speed, while steadily moving forward”.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

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