2021 Monthly Recap – October

In October, the summer was over, and time for reaping the results of what I tried to plant in the previous months finally came. October was a month filled with action, with increased confidence and with some pretty interesting milestones. One of them was the first official marathon since the pandemic started. It was an amazing experience. Surprisingly, the amazement came not from some sort of exhilaration, or excitement, but for the consistency of it all. It was the first marathon in which kilometers succeeded almost linearly, without many major spikes in physical or mental state. Of course I was tired at the end, but it all went way smoother than in previous marathons (here’s a recap of the race).

In October I also got word about a trip I had to make to Romania, to take care of (some more) paperwork. The trip started at the end of month, and, combined with the part that took place in November, it would make for the longest trip to Romania since I became location independent, 3 years ago (but I’m getting ahead of myself, the bulk of trip was in November).

My NFT experiments continued, this time with a different chain (Hive) and a different project. Didn’t sell any copy but, again, it was a great learning experience.

October was also the first month in which I actually composed a short song on the guitar, called, of course, Almost November.

Like I said, October was a month filled with action, and there were also quite a few posts about location independence and societal evolution, and even a movie review (The Squid Game), you can check them all in the archives.

If I would have to define October in one word, it would be: “manifestation”. If I would have to define it in a longer sentence, it would be: “reaping the benefits of months long – sometimes years long – streaks of effort”.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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