77 Reasons To Love Your Life

Too often we find more reasons to hate our life than to love it. And you know what? Life hates us back.

Here are 77 reasons to love your life. Know another one? Would love to see it in the comments.

1. For Everything You Already Have

It may not seem like much, but it is. You breathe and you can read this, and that means you’re alive. This is a gift so often underestimated. So even if you think right now you don’t have a lot, remember you have your life.

And that means you can always start fresh.

2. For What You Are Yet To Receive

There’s more to come. You just a glimpse of what can happen until now, but there’s far more to come. Deep down, you know there’s so much more waiting to manifest into your life.

As long as you embrace all the challenges and ride along with all your fears, spectacular, unexpected, beautiful things will pop up, adding more and more reasons to love your life.

3. For All The Certainties You Acquired

Because you learned so much in the process. Because you worked so hard to understand them, because you know that, in order for “that” to happen, you need to do “this”, and the result will always be the expected one.

And, most importantly, because you know that, at some point in the future, these certainties may be replaced. So love them while they still hold true.

4. For All the Friends You Have Now

Because they are there for you when you need them. Because they lift you up and cheer for you. Because they love you just the way you are.

And because, of course, you feel the same for them. Friends are the beautiful accident of life, which turns regular people into lifelong supporters of each other.

5. For All the Wonderful Journeys You’ve Been On

As they are there to lay the path for the future ones. Each past journey is just a rehearsal for something even better.

Sometimes it may not seem like that, but, in reality, all the places, all the people, all the experiences you had so far, all of them are there to show you what can happen, as long as you keep finding reasons to love your life.

6. For All The Friends You’ll Get

There’s always room for one more friend in your life. You just haven’t meet that person yet. But he or she is out there, and, sooner or later, a new friendship will spark from your future encounter.

So, even if you feel lonely right now, just don’t lose hope. Keep cruising on your path and be ready for something magic to appear. That’s when magic happens, anyway, only when you are ready for it.

7. For All The Bad Advice You Didn’t Follow

Because that saved you some time, maybe money, maybe your life as it is now. Sometimes it’s hard to judge in the moment if a piece of advice will improve or worsen your current situation.

It’s only in hindsight, most of the time, that we realize we were far better off by just following a different path. One more reason to love the life you have right now, in this very moment.

8. For All The Beautiful Memories

Because they are proof life can be beautiful. Of course, they’re in the past, they do not exist anymore, but at some point in time they were you life, as you lived it.

Keep those nice images of your life close, and trust that what you live now can also become, at some point in the future, a beautiful memories, something to look back at with joy.

9. For The Ones You Love

Because all you have to do is to think about them and you’ll instantly feel better. Because they rely on you. Because you wish them good and you can help them do better.

From all the reasons to love your life, this one is the easiest and – probably -the most common. And yet, in the incessant whirlwind of our lives, sometimes we just forget how important these people are.

10. For The Ones You Forgot

As they may return any time, and enrich your live when you least expect it. There are so many people in our lives, some of them crossing our paths just for a few moments, but leaving strong, powerful marks.

Maybe you forgot some of them. It’s ok. They’re still there, somewhere, like a beautiful surprise waiting to unfold. Try to live like you’re already prepared for something like this too happen.

11. For The Work You Do

As this is your gift to others. It may seem that you’re not doing much, but that’s only your perspective. From the other side, things may be – and almost always are – very different: there are people who depend on what you do.

Be grateful for that.

12. For All The Jokes You Haven’t Heard Yet

If that’s not one of the most powerful reasons to love your life, than I don’t know what is. I can’t resist a good joke, and, on a good day, I can’t take in an unlimited amount of bad jokes too .

And, of course, the nicest thing on a bad day, is a good joke.

13. For The Beautiful Trips You Are Yet To Embark On

Maybe you think you’ve settled now, or maybe traveling is not your thing. But we are going on trips every day. Sometimes, even a walk to the park can transform into a fresh, unpredictable, exciting trip.

Don’t take my word for it. Go out, now!

14. For Everything You Are Not Sure About

Because it means you’ll still have something to challenge you, to push you out of the comfort zone and, ultimately, to transform you. Uncertainties are these big, black areas covering random spots on your life map.

Charging into them at full speed would be like uncovering areas in a strategy game. It will be frightening and risky, but well, well worth the time.

15. For All The Beautiful Sunrises You Still Remember

There’s something magic about sunrise. The sheer force of light, gently chasing away the dark, offering space for new things to unfold, for new experiences to begin.

As an ultra-runner, I got to enjoy a few times the second dawn, but even if you’re not into this kind of things, sunrises are among the best reasons to love your life.

16. For All The Fantastic Sunsets You Will Enjoy

If sunrises are magic, reviving everything and anything, sunsets are mesmerizing, hypnotizing us into softly blending into the dark, accepting the end of the day graciously and willingly sleeping our way into oblivion.

Ends are part of life too, as counterintuitive as it may sound. Be prepared and enjoy them.

17. For Tomorrow’s Sunrise

As a reminder how lucky you are for getting to see another one.

18. For Yesterday Sunset

Because you can still remember it in all is finest and glorious details.

19. For The Things You Are Yet To Learn

Being them skills, or just life strategies, there are plenty of things waiting for you to learn, no matter how much you already know. And with any small progress you make, your own “life experiencing device” will be ore enhanced.

The more you learn, the largest your “life breathing lungs” will be.

20. For The Health You Have

We are decaying creatures, operating on faulty hardware and software. Be grateful for any small ability you still have, like walking, seeing and hearing other people or just being able to feed yourself.

Some day, all of these will seem extremely difficult. But that day is not today, yet.

21. For All The Beauty You Can Spot Around You

From the smallest drop of dew on a tree leaf, to magnificent works of art that survived for millennia, there is beauty everywhere. And we are wired to respond to beauty, not matter where we’re experiencing it, in ways that are both enlightening and uplifting.

From all the reasons to love your life in the world, doing it for beauty is probably the most rewarding and worth nurturing.

22. For The Ugliness Around You

Because, without it, you couldn’t understand what beauty is. As repulsive as it is, ugliness serves you very well to contrast the beauty you may be ignoring.

In fact, there is no ugliness, as ugliness, just like beauty, lies ultimately in the eyes of the beholder.

23. For The Riddles You Haven’t Yet Solved

Yes, I’m talking about all the puzzles you’ve encountered so far, and still not found a way to solve them. No matter if you’re trying to understand the soul of your unrequited love, or just the very fabric of quantum entanglement, these riddles are there.

Once they’re in your consciousness, they won’t leave. So better stay around and strive to find the solution, right?

24. For All Your Unanswered Questions

Not every question you ask is blessed with an answer. Most of them are lingering around in a limbo of confusion for years. And these lingering questions are weighing you down.

So, even if you didn’t get your answer now, it doesn’t mean you will never get it. Just stick to it, stay there, and, slowly, the curtain will be lifted.

24. For All Your Victories

Because the taste of each victory is, oh, so sweet. No need to play it down, it is. That feeling of winning in front of a massive counter-force is cathartic.

So yes, I think this is a very good reason to love your life: be there to fight another battle, and win again.

25. For All The Good Advice You Followed

For it got you here, right? You are here because there was (also) some guidance that you followed and helped you navigate some troubled waters.

So, yes, loving your life as a form of gratitude for all the good advice that you received (and followed) is a healthy choice, in my books.

26. For All Your Lost Battles

For they are your precious lessons. Yes, winning is sweet, but even in the bitterness of defeat there is still something that will make you rise again. As longs as you don’t give up.

27. For Your Enemies

For they are there to teach you forgiveness. Sometimes you’ll clash with people and sometimes you’ll hold a grudge. And you’ll call those people “enemies”.

If you just look deeper into what made you clash, and if you foster the courage to forgive and move forward, you’ll eventually understand there is no enemy, just like there is “no spoon” in the Matrix.

28. For All The Small Things In Your Life

For that’s what all the big things are made of: a gazillion of small things, carefully crafter together. Small things are the very fabric of your life: the smell of fresh air in the morning, a smile, a touch on your shoulder, nice words.

Don’t underestimate the power of small drops, when they are well aligned: that’s how oceans are made.

29. For All The Big, Hairy, Ambitious Goals You’ve Set

Some of them you already reached, some of them not yet, and, probably, some of them you’ll never touch. That’s not the point. The point is that these BHAGs, these ridiculously ambitious goals are pushing your forward.

Use them, don’t be afraid by them.

30. For All The Answers You Got So Far

They made your life easier. The “world map” you created using them is now bigger, clearer, easier to navigate. And they showed you that, in the end, some of your questions do get answers.

Sometimes you may not like them, but, sooner or later, you get them.

31. For The Smiles You Receive Every Day

Try to remember a day you spent outside, among people, and when nobody smiled at you. It’s impossible. Even in the grimmest times, people find the power to smile at each other.

As long as you will be around, there will be somebody smiling at you. Most of the time, when you least expect it.

32. For The Smiles You Offer Every Day

Because you have no idea how much they mean.

33. For All Your Powerful, Energizing Mornings

Yeah, I know not all your mornings are powerful and energizing. Mine aren’t also. But some of them are. Some of them are even unexpected, surprising, exciting, uplifting, motivating.

I’m talking about those mornings. Love your life for them.

34. Love Your Life For Your Romantic Evenings

Again, I know not all your evenings are romantic and yes, not all my evenings either. But when they are, man, it feels good! Sharing intimate moments, sliding into the night with all these feelings, and all that cozy atmosphere, makes these evenings to be remembered as “times when we really lived our life”.

35. For The Life Rediscovered Through The Eyes Of A Child

No matter if you are a parent or not, there is something very simple, and yet tremendously profound about life, in the eyes of a child. Something which wasn’t yet tainted by the entire collective hallucination we create and enjoy, as adults.

If you summon the courage to get out of the hallucination, you can be that kid again.

36. For The Smell Of The Summer Rain

Which is one of those things that I can’t put into words, and yet, everybody knows what I’m talking about.

37. For The Gifts You Still Have To Offer

And no, I’m not talking (only) about birthday gifts. I’m talking about your skills, your creativity, your ability to understand, care and support.

For some people, you, as a person, are a gift.

38. For All The Games You Haven’t Yet Played

Don’t rush to that console now, because I’m not talking about those games. I’m talking about the game of friendship, the game of falling in love, the game of crafting beautiful things that other people will enjoy, or even the game of being successful (or falling).

All these games are, each taken separately and all together, some of the most compelling reasons to love your life.

39. For The Next First Snow

There is something very pure and joyful about the first snow. It’s like everything is turned back to the first base again and we get to just enjoy, play and cheer. It’s like we’re getting yet another chance to start over.

You may be living in a place where it doesn’t even snow. Well, in this case, I think this would make even a stronger case for you to experience a first snow.

40. For All The Great Ideas You Had Today

Well, maybe not all of them were great, but at least a few were. They must have been.

41. For All The Great Ideas You Will Have Tomorrow

Well, maybe you won’t have any great idea tomorrow, but you don’t know that yet. You can’t know that yet, until you reach that tomorrow. Just be there, stay alert, you never know when a new way of solving an old problem will arise.

42. Love Your Life For Tomorrow’s Surprises

Even if you won’t have a great idea tomorrow, at least there will be some surprises. That’s guaranteed: you have no idea what will happen tomorrow.

Some surprises you’ll like, some you’ll not, but the point is you will never know which is which beforehand.

43. For Today’s Gifts

Maybe you didn’t get any gift today, but that’s only because you may have a limited idea about what a gift is. The mere fact that you can enjoy a blog post about reasons to love your life is a gift. The mere fact that you do this on a device you use for many other things is a gift. The mere fact that you ca breathe is a gift.

See? A lot of gifts.

44. For All Those Dreams That Eventually Came True

As they are proof that dreams do come true. Eventually.

45. For Yesterday’s Memories

As they are there to shed the light on today.

Just like everything you do today will slowly turn into yesterday’s memories for tomorrow.

46. For All The Nice Words You Haven’t Yet Said To Your Loved Ones

There’s always room for one more encouragement, for one more supportive talk, for one more empowering talk. Always.

47. For All The Nice Words You Heard From Your Loved Ones

Especially when they come unexpectedly, not asked for, not wanted. Like those nice chats you have out of the blue, taking you out of the blue, literally.

48. For All The Nice People You Haven’t Yet Met

They are somewhere out there, you know? It’s just that you didn’t bumped into them yet. But they are there, greatly outnumbering the not so nice people, if you just have enough patience.

49. For All Your Mistakes

So you can have more time to make out for them. Or at least try making out.

Mistakes sucks. But you don’t necessarily have to.

50. For All The Adventures You Have Yet To Begin

Sometimes it’s a trip to a remote country. Sometimes it’s a new job, or a new venture you start. And sometimes it’s just a new relationship.

But that feeling of adventure, of exhilaration, of anticipation and excitement, you know what I’m talking about? At times that’s all you need to make life, life.

51. For All The Books You Haven’t Yet Read

For they are windows into other worlds or into other people. They are enriching you without even moving from your coach, as you sip your tea and immerse yourself into the story, a kid seeing a new world, with fresh eyes.

52. For All The Books You Haven’t Yet Written

You know that feeling, when, after a few months struggle, you put the final world into your book (being it a productivity book, a personal story or just fiction).

And even if you’re not good with words, I have news for you: you do write your books with every thing that you say, every turn you take, every dream you fulfill: it’s just that these books are unfolding in real life, for a just a few readers.

53. For All The Yet Unborn Challenges You Still Have To Face

No matter how nice is the place you’re in right now, at some point something will change. A new challenge will arise and a new you will have to be born, to overcome that challenge.

Embrace those moments, they are your rebirths.

54. For All The Stories You Haven’t Yet Heard, Written Or Dreamed Of

Because all these stories have something in common: the main character, which is you. Sometimes you’re the main character hearing something, sometimes you’re the main character writing something or dreaming about something, but at the center of every story in your life, consumed or still not there yet, it’s always you. You are all the stories in your life.

55. For The Person Who’s Looking At You From The Mirror Every Morning

That person is changing a lot, isn’t it? Seems like weeks ago that person was just a kid, or a teenager. And look at that face now. Every day, you’re becoming somebody new.

Aren’t you curious to see how that face will look tomorrow?

56. For The Nurturing Family You Already Have

They are there to support you no matter what. They were there from the moment you arrived and they will always be there.

Ok, maybe, this time, you didn’t enter the world with traditional family members at your side, or maybe they had to go away sooner. It’s ok. You still have a family, only it’s bigger than the regular ones. Just look carefully around you and you’ll see it.

57. For All You Have To Share With Others

You truly possess only that you can give away. In parting ways with what you once considered yours lies great joy and a subtle understanding that there are really no differences between us.

“Mine” and “yours” are here only for us to experience the joy of giving out.

58. For All You’ve Lost In Your Journey

Because it freed more space into your life, allowing new stuff to happen, to grow, to manifest. Losing stuff is hurting only to the extend we identify “ourselves” with what we lose. Otherwise, it’s just stuff going away, just like each and every breath of you is going away.

59. For The Feeling Of Your Heart Overflowing With Love

Because this feeling is what pushes you froward. Is that feeling in the heart of your parents that led to your existence and kept you alive after you manifested, and it’s the same feeling that generated your children, and pushes them forward in their own journey.

60. For All Your Unfulfilled Dreams

So you can have plenty of time to work on make them true.

61. For All The Opportunities That Are Waiting For You Just Around The Corner

Especially for those disguised as loss, separation or misfortune. How many times you thought “why is this shit happening to me?”, only to realize, months or years after: “man, I was so fortunate to go through that ordeal, because otherwise I couldn’t live the great life I’m living now”?

I know I’ve been there, many times.

62. For Each Personal Freedom You Conquered

I like to visualize these personal breakthroughs like skin shed by snakes. Every time a snake outgrows its former self, it literally has to get out of his old skin. We are all leaving behind these former selves, one lined in front of the other, every time some personal freedom is conquered, every time our personal self is not fitting in our old skin.

As such, the joy of looking back – in anger or joy, as you see fit – at all these moments when we became a bit more free than before, is one of the most rewarding reasons to love your life.

63. For Everything You Created So Far

Because every little thing you did has something from you in it. Scratch that: in every little thing you created there is a bit of you. So, in a way, you keep living as long as all the stuff you created will be alive.

64. For The Fragrances Of Every Spring

Of all the reasons to love your life, I think this may be the subtlest, but oh, so powerful. There is this renewal, revival, rebirthing vibration that starts to manifest every spring, recreating life in a never ending upwards going spiral. And you simply cannot resist to it, it will just sway you away, pushing you into the next part of your life.

65. For The Energy Of Every Summer

Because that energy leads to all the beautiful things you create or you experiment. It’s like the spring has blended into this new context, which is not about rebirth anymore, but about self-assessment, about personal power, about moving things around into a new combination.

66. For The Emotions Of Every Fall

Because it’s in that space that you can prepare to both enjoy what you created and let it go. And in that process, you give yourself permission to experience all the emotional rollercoaster that makes you at the same time happy you made it and sad that you’re seeing it go away.

67. For The Cold Beauty Of Every Winter

Because underneath that white, endless blanket, on top of which nothing seems to survive, there is a new life preparing, a new process of gathering up energies and combining them in a new effort. Just like, sometimes, we need to sit still for a while in our lives, letting go of the past and brewing up the next stage, in silence.

68. For All The Beauty Inside Others, Yet To Be Discovered

Because you never know when somebody will surprise you out of the blue with a nice word, a helping hand, or just a smile.

69 For All The Fantastic Colors That Are Shaping Your World Every Day

If you think in physical terms, our sight is covering such a small bandwidth: we can’t see in infrared, or X-rays. Just a small interval in the big scale of vibrations.

And yet, the harmony sensation we get when we see a Dali painting, or the convoluted world that emerges from a Picasso, or even the color of the summer sea in Spain, are enough to make us thrilled with joy.

70. Love Your Life For All The Wonderful Music You’ve Enjoyed So Far

Music is an unexplainable activity, if you really think about it. It may be explained as “harmony poured into feelings, in predictable ways, all spiced up with mathematical sequences”, but I doubt this will make it justice.

And yet, it’s one of the closest activity to spirituality. And I’m using the term in the sense “helping your soul to grow up”. We are so blessed to be able to experience music in this life.

71. For All The Sentient Beings You Have Met So Far

They are, literally, your entire universe. In this initial version of this post, I wrote “for all the people you have met”, but things have changed since then. I do consider now that every sentient being has something to share with you and you have something to share with them.

And, basically, we’re all in the same movie.

72. For The Simple Feeling Of The Wind On Your Face

Because you may never know, for sure, if you’re gong to feel that again. It’s not like you were granted a full, non-expiring, eternal license for that feeling.

73. For The All The Unexpected Changes Of Your Plans

Because they are the same time annoying and exciting, upsetting and inspiring. If you read this blog for some time, you know I’m a productivity freak. And yet, I do enjoy the ups and downs of an unexpected plan change.

I’m not a big fan of them, but I enjoy them. Every once in a while.

75. Love Your Life For All The Fights You Avoided

It’s not easy to avoid a fight. We’re wired to react, rather than act. But if you can do that, if you can remain present and not give in to anger, you’ll soon understand that every single fight avoided is increasing the odds of living a fight-free life from that moment on.

Sometime this requires giving “the victory” to others. Sometimes it requires a compromise. But it’s well worth whatever you have to give in.

76. For All The Crossroads You Encounter Every Day

As they are there to offer you the best path you can choose. If you would know the course of your life in advance, if you would know exactly where to put every step, then everything will be incredibly boring.

Crossroads aren’t simple. They’re risky, they’re challenging, they’re making you think you’ll lose something in the process. But, well, at least they aren’t boring. At all.

77. Love You Life For Every Single Second

As this is all you have, only this infinite second.

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

46 thoughts on “77 Reasons To Love Your Life”

  1. I just don’t feel like going out”. And then it does the same next day. And then the day after that and so on. And then it starts to whisper louder and louder in your ears: “Why would you go outside, you loser? Didn’t have enough yet? Want more people to make fun of how much of a big, fat loser you are?”

  2. Thanks for this post, I’m going to bookmark it and return to it often. Funny, I am also a Thesis developer. Happy to have found your blog!

  3. Hey man ,
    It seems that I become a bit addicted to your blog
    I loved that article , I even wrote down some of the reasons you mentioned.


  4. I love my life because I have been blessed with life!

    This makes me appreciate the package that I got with my life, even with all it’s ups and downs!

  5. Amazing list,,it values the reasons to live.Appreciating small things is fun we are so blessed and grateful that god give us this kind of happiness in life.

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  10. This is a great list of what we should be grateful for in our lives. Thanks for writing it so I remember all the blessing I already have and have yet to receive.

    I always take a moment during to the day just to say these words silently ” I Am grateful for this day” and I am grateful for you my friend and this post.
    .-= BunnygotBlog´s last blog ..Lost In A Sea Of Identities =-.

  11. There is an email story about a man named Michael.

    Michael is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and when someone would ask him how he was doing, He would reply, ‘If I were any better, I would be twins!’

    One day I asked Michael, How do you do it? Michael replied, ‘Life is about choices. Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or I choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it.’

    Sometime later, I heard that Michael had fallen 60 feet from a communications tower. After 18 hours of surgery and weeks of intensive care, Michael was released from the hospital with rods placed in his back.

    I saw Michael about six months after the misfortune and asked him how he was doing. He replied, “If I were any better, I’d be twins. Wanna see my scars?” I declined the offer but asked him what was going on in his mind after the fall.

    ‘As I lay on the ground, I remembered that I had two choices: I could choose to live or I could choose to die. I chose to live. The paramedics kept telling me I was going to be fine but when they wheeled me into the ER and I saw the expressions on the faces of the doctors and nurses I got really scared. In their eyes, I read, “He’s a dead man”. I knew I needed to take action.

    There was a big burly nurse shouting questions at me. “She asked if I was allergic to anything. “Yes, I replied.”

    The doctors and nurses stopped working as they waited for my reply.I took a deep breath and yelled “Gravity.”

    Over their laughter, I told them, “I am choosing to live. Operate on me as if I am alive, not dead.”

    Michael lived, thanks to the skill of his doctors, but also because of his amazing attitude.”

    How we react to these challenges can dramatically affect the outcome, influence our health and the quality and length of our lives.


    “If I were any better, I’d be twins. Wanna see my scars?”
    .-= McLaughlin´s last blog ..Using LinkedIn to Drive Traffic to Your Blog =-.

  12. I didn’t yet get this one so am glad you sent it. I LOVE this because I SO relate to this type of thinking and it’s so refreshing to have it confirmed. People often look at me like I’ve sprouted horns when I say phrases like you have listed here. We humans all too often tend to focus on what we don’t have instead of what we DO have. To focus on what we DO have is far more powerful than we may initially realize. It can mean the difference between a dynamic, well lived life and a life that simply spirals down into more and more negativity, lack and chaos.

    You know Dragos, as I read these lists of yours (which are very good by the way) I keep thinking how they would make WONDERFUL pocket sized books with a phrase on each page. People LOVE things like that. It’s something you ought to think about. All though this list I kept feeling like: YES!!! YES!! YES!! 🙂
    .-= Robin Easton´s last blog ..Can You Slow Down? =-.

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  14. Beautiful list, I love my life for blogs like this I´ve read, and for the ones that will read 🙂
    .-= Rosa´s last blog ..Después de la tormenta – After the storm =-.

  15. I love my life for all the smiles He gives me every morning;
    I love my life for the smell of the fresh bread I bake;
    I love my life for all the changes I make;
    I love my life for all the courage it gives me…

    🙂 this is precious material to be shared with others indeed; so, i did feel free to post it on my own blog. Thank you.

  16. @WD Favour Thanks for sharing your reasons, this is great. I think if you stop learning at any point in your life you’re heading toward a slow and boring death…

    @Peter Levin I don’t know why 77 🙂 , this is what I come up with so far. It can be 101, 222 or 777, the point is to aggregate as many reasons as possible 🙂

  17. That is a nice list list, why 77 🙂

    Just stumble it, Thanks for great reasons

    Peter Levin’s last blog post..5 Simple Ways to Know if You Will Make it Big

  18. I love my life for the ability to grow daily.
    I love my life for the capacity to learn from all.
    I love my life for the capacity to maintain and enjoy a multi-dimensional perspective on all issues.
    I love my life for being able to participate in the internet phenomenon.
    I love m life for the presence of my online friends who are sooooo surpotive.
    and on and on and on… 🙂

    What a post!

    WD Favour’s last blog post..Put Your Foot Down!

  19. @Stacey Glad I made you think with that. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    @Daniel Brenton wow, thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it 🙂

  20. This post was highlighted in the March 13 edition of Gratitude Watch.

    Thank you, Dragos, for continuing to promote the value of gratitude.

    Daniel Brenton’s last blog post..Gratitude Watch – 2009-03-13

  21. @nutuba the attitude is the trigger fo the action, most of the time. Thanks for the comment 🙂

    @Celes glad you liked it and feel free to come back often, you may found other interesting things too 😉

    @Mac thanks for the retweet, I really appreciate it. The focus define our life and we create what we focus on: if we focus on the good things, this is what we’re going to have 🙂

    @BunnygotBlog the little things are little only because our ego is big 🙂 The little things are the most important, they are creating our entire living context.

    @Jay glad you liked it and you know what they say: everything is vibration so no wonder we can pick up each other vibrations some times.

    @ReikiMoon welcome to my blog and thank you for the comment. I am so happy that you shared your reasons. I sense in you courage and an unstoppable desire for living. I am honored that you chose to open your heart here 🙂

    @Jonathan you are totally right: it’s our energy that makes things to grow or to shrink. Thanks for the comment.

  22. I love my life for my three beautiful sons.
    I love my life for an ex-husband who is supportive.
    I love my life for a wonderful man whose company and joy I enjoy.

    I love my life for the lessons I learn…temporary pain that brings me through to the other end with a new found wisdom and direction.

    I love my life for beautiful connections I have made such as yourself.

    Peace beloved brother.

    ReikiMoon’s last blog post..The Reiki Life

  23. You are the man Dragos- You always seem to be on the pulse of my mind. Thanks for this today- you are a blessing!

    Jay’s last blog post..How to Save the World

  24. Hi Dragos,
    What a beautiful list you have here. It is important to appreciate the little things so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

    It seems when you do the not so pleasant things can be handled with little interruption in your life.


    BunnygotBlog’s last blog post..Listen To Your Gut, Part 2 – Alexandra Bellow

  25. too many people only see the reasons to hate life. Great idea to post a list like this. Tweeted to my 8000+ followers.

    Mac’s last blog post..Europe Job and Career Resources


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